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With radio still being the most intimate of broadcast mediums, the industry knows all too well of the close bonds that are formed between presenters and listeners. However, behind the scenes, relationships are just as vital.

Any cub reporter who’s shadowed a seasoned broadcast journalist can attest to the value that is placed on trusted sources and contacts – you are who you bring to the daily news conference.

There is no way that one would be able to produce evocative content in isolation. To relate to others, one must interact with others. That’s why AI outputs often feel ‘cold’ to us – they were created without interaction between human beings.

Distilled down to its core, the content we disseminate is a collection of experiences; narratives of what someone has experienced or the experience that someone has of something. Thus, there is the opportunity to share knowledge from a wide variety of perspectives.

This diversity is also crucial in content creation, lest we create media vacuums or echo chambers that leave no room for anything ‘other’ and inevitably leave the audience poorer for being exposed to inferior content that holds no substance. Of course, there is always room for frivolity, considering how quickly users adopted platforms such as Snapchat and TikTok and brought them mammoth popularity.

The relationships we nurture and the stories we tell forge communities. Our stories can inform, inspire, and even help heal ourselves and others. Our stories can also hurt and destroy the relationships that we’ve worked so hard to create. Brand reputation, built up from narratives over decades, can be shattered in an instant with one ill-conceived or poorly placed utterance.

It’s also easy to forget that while we chase hits and clicks for traffic to generate income on our digital platforms that real people are the subjects of our stories. Have we afforded them the necessary respect? Are you piling on to someone’s misery with your on-air skit? Do they (or anybody) deserve this treatment? Would you do it with them in the room?

Telling stories is part of the human condition. And it’s never mere entertainment. Through our stories we shape our world and we can create whichever mould we please.

Relationships in business count among those scarce resources that have the potential to position us above competitors. Your collaborations hinge on how much you as a person and your brand are trusted. The synergy between partners and the amplification of messages are invaluable and can only be achieved where there is trust, and a willingness and the energy to create something bigger and meaningful to serve our collective communities.

Decades ago OFM began referring to our broadcast footprint, covering the Free State, Northern Cape, North West and southern Gauteng, as ‘Central South Africa’; even going so far as to reference this word as a proper noun.

Today, our listeners, followers, clients and stakeholders know what it is to be proudly ‘Central South African’ and what it means to belong to this resilient tribe. It is no longer merely a place, it is a state of mind. And it is a great testament of what can be achieved through our relationships and storytelling.

In conclusion, in a world seemingly and increasingly enslaved by algorithms, and on a medium considered one of the last ‘real’ mediums, let us cherish our relationships – in-house among our teams, with our trusted sources and collaborators, our stakeholders, our clients and our audience. Only then can we do the profound work for which radio is renowned.

Written by Elzette Boucher-Krüger, OFM Content Manager.

Friday, 12 April 2024 / Published in AlgoaFM, LATEST NEWS

An interesting portrait of the lifestyle of the average Algoa FM listener can be painted using recent surveys by BrandMapp and Colony Live.

It reflects the middle to upper middle-class lifestyle of people living in the Algoa FM footprint, which stretches from the Garden Route to the Wild Coast and through the Karoo.

What comes through strongly is the resilience of radio as a preferred medium. Over half of Algoa FM’s listeners tune in to the Breakfast Show while travelling in their car, and more than 30% will tune in more than once a day.

According to BrandMapp, listenership represents the diversity of the people within the broadcast footprint.

Home languages are 40% English, 34% isiXhosa and 18% Afrikaans.

Big Walk: The annual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer is the biggest mass participation charity event in the Eastern Cape and Garden Route.

There are strong correlations in the findings – BrandMapp being part of an independent national survey, and Colony part of Algoa FM’s ongoing listener engagement.

With a mean household income that is over 21% higher than the national average for the middle class, Algoa FM listeners have the financial resources needed to support an active and healthy lifestyle that includes quality life experiences.

Even so, they are concerned about inflation. With 48% expecting to spend more on groceries in the next year, the focus is on value for money.

Listeners supplement their income through side hustles such as running a small business, investing in the stock market, renting properties and home industry. Around 11% have a second job.

They spend their disposable income at food markets, eating at restaurants, attending  live sporting events, as well as outdoor concerts and music festivals.

This spending power supports many of South Africa’s iconic festivals, which are hosted in the Eastern Cape and Garden Route.

They include the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, the SPAR Kirkwood Wildsfees, the SPAR SPLASH Festival, the Hogsback Spring Festival, Bedford Garden Festival, the Bathurst Agricultural Show, Knysna Speed Festival, Knysna Oyster Festival, Klein Karoo Klassique, and Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees.

Family time is important, with take-aways often being part of the get-together.

Ironman: Algoa FM is a long time supporter of the annual Ironman race in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Many travel to Cape Town or Gauteng to attend concerts and theatre productions.

Music on Algoa FM is also the biggest drawcard, followed by entertainment and news.

They are also big movie fans, with over 60% having an active Netflix account.

As the regional lifestyle station listeners tune in to find out about the events, which are also promoted through the Algoa FM social media pages and website.

When it comes to leisure time, 45% plan to go on holiday in 2024.

Listeners are also house proud – 50% own at least one property, and 25% plan to renovate their homes.

Sustainable living is a priority, with 13% planning to install solar geysers and power in the next year. Some 20% already have a solar / inverter solution at home.

Rugby is big in the Eastern Cape and Garden Route, with 66% of respondents listing it as their favourite sport. Cricket follows at 40%, and then soccer at 23%.

The love of rugby is evident at all levels of the game, with thousands turning out to watch the top school teams in action at regular tournaments held throughout the season.

Algoa FM has been the media sponsor of the Standard Bank Grey High School Rugby Festival for over 15 years.

Swimming, water polo and lifesaving are also big in the province judging by the crowds they attract.

Being the home of the South African automotive industry, motor racing is big, as is the love of cars – 18% of Algoa FM listeners plan to upgrade their wheels in the next year.

Invariably you will find Algoa FM where the listeners are. The station and its popular presenters are on the ground through outside broadcasts, live crossings, and hitmobile activations.

We have a good handle on the complexities of the consumer market across the Eastern Cape and Garden Route.

We lean into what the research tells us, and maintain strong business and community relationships and make sure the station remains relevant.

Our listeners have influence and represent a powerful buying group for advertisers tapping into this lifestyle market.

Main image: Woodridge: Outdoor sports such as running are popular in the region – and Algoa is there to support the athletes and add fun to the event.

Written by Dennis Karantges, sales manager at Algoa FM.

Tuesday, 02 April 2024 / Published in AlgoaFM, LATEST NEWS

Applications are open for beneficiaries for the annual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer, presented by ISUZU Motors South Africa.

We encourage non-profit organizations which support cancer patients and their families and with an established presence in the Eastern Cape and Garden Route to apply.

The closing date for applications is April 30.

This year, we celebrate the 26th anniversary of this iconic event.

The 26th edition of the biggest mass participation charity event in the Eastern Cape will be held on Saturday, 26 October 2024.

The main event will take place in Gqeberha, with parallel Big Walk for Cancer events in East London and George.

To learn more and access the online application form, please visit and click on Algoa Cares.

Tuesday, 02 April 2024 / Published in LATEST NEWS, OFM

OFM, the Sound of Your Life, is thrilled to announce Ilze Basson-Eva as the grand prize winner of R20 024 during our Big Radio Registration campaign.

In 2024, OFM vowed to bring listeners more, and the competition, held throughout February and March, as part of OFM’s commitment to connect with our listeners, culminated in Basson-Eva’s selection from hundreds of entries across Central South Africa.

The 42-year-old freelance graphic designer from Upington, says she’ll likely be spending her winnings om home renovations and then treating her family, her husband and two sons, aged 10 and 13, to a weekend away.

By going beyond the airwaves to meet our valued listeners in person and celebrate the diversity that makes each one more than just a number to us, OFM embarked on a journey crisscrossing Central South Africa, stopping in Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Klerksdorp, Welkom, Vanderbijlpark, Upington, and Potchefstroom.

During these activations, attendees registered as an official OFM listener and received a unique code to use throughout the year to unlock additional benefits and chances to win on OFM. Each activation also awarded a R2 024 spot prize, while participants were entered into the draw for the grand prize of R20 024.

According to OFM Sales and Marketing Manager, Anchen Lintvelt, this campaign was a showcase of Central South African hospitality from our listeners as well as partners and was received warmly throughout. “It’s wonderful to be able to make a difference in a loyal OFM listener’s life! Thank you to each and every one who registered at one of our eight stops. Don’t lose hope if you didn’t win this time… there is still much more to come in 2024!”

Stay tuned to OFM, and keep an eye on our social media platforms for more announcements to come regarding the Big Radio Registration.

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Michael Ndabandaba can be forgiven for thinking his life hit the fast-forward button last year. He won the OFM O-dition presenter search in March 2023 and went from working as a frozen foods packer in Klerksdorp to moving to Bloemfontein and starting a new career as a production assistant and voiceover artist at OFM.

According to Michael, his life has definitely improved since he won the presenter search. “I didn’t think I would win! I was just looking for an opportunity. The O-dition has changed everything. It has put me in a position to look after the people in my life. I have learnt a lot by being mentored by others and being surrounded by creative people at OFM. It is eye-opening to see what goes on behind the scenes at a radio station. I’ve also had the opportunity to apply the knowledge I already gained from my hobby, which is music production. I would say working at OFM has sharpened all my skills.”

Michael not only started a new job and moved to a new city in 2023, but he also got engaged and became the proud father to a little girl. “It felt like everything was falling into place. Moving to Bloemfontein has felt like starting a new chapter in my life journey.”

OFM programming manager, Tim Thabethe, says: “Before January 2023, Michael had no committed thought toward a radio career. One year later, Michael is one of the voices that you will hear on OFM and one of the cogs in the wheel that turns OFM, the Sound of Your Life. It is always good to see a person live out their passion and we are proud to have enabled this for him.”

OFM embarked on the O-ditions not only to find someone to mentor but also to change a life… and it ended up changing three lives. From this campaign came not only Michael but also Ashmund Martin and Anny Bruyns, both of whom are now presenters at OFM.

For more info, contact

Wednesday, 20 March 2024 / Published in AlgoaFM, LATEST NEWS

Algoa FM presenters will be sharing puppy love on air from March 18 to March 23, which is national puppy day.

“All the presenters on Algoa FM are pet lovers and we are using international puppy day to educate listeners all about puppies – where to adopt them, how to care for them, exercising them and how to train them,” says Algoa FM programme manager Mio Khondleka.

National Puppy Day on March 23 originated in the United States to raise awareness of the poor conditions on many puppy farms, where dogs are bred purely for profit.

Selected puppy shelters in Algoa Country will be given an opportunity to talk about puppy adoption and to share photos on Facebook of puppies ready for a new home.

“The puppy shelters we have selected have very strict adoption requirements, which include visits to the home where they will be living, as well as follow up visits and calls.

“The message is ‘adopt, don’t shop,” says Carol-Anne Kelleher of Algoa Cares.

Algoa FM presenter Charlton Tobias (Charlie T) with his Yorkie Benji.

Local vets, a behavioural specialist and other experts on puppy care will be interviewed during the week.

“We will also be talking to a psychologist about the benefits of having a pet and how they can change your life,” says Kelleher.

Their interviews will be made available through the Algoa FM website for those who missed them.

“Our campaign will encourage listeners to have their pets sterilised, and to support organisations which sterilise animals in disadvantaged communities.

Listeners will be encouraged to share their puppy pictures on Algoa FM social media pages, and animal shelters in Algoa Country will share photos of puppies available for adoption.

Image caption: Algoa FM Morning Breakfast presenter Wayne Hart (right) with husband Leander Kruger-Hart and their rescue huskies, Willow (left) and Lily.

Friday, 15 March 2024 / Published in Central Media Group, LATEST NEWS, OFM

In today’s dynamic and diverse world, consumers crave engaging experiences and information presented in ways that resonate with them. This is where the multi-media approach emerges as a powerful tool for both products and businesses. By incorporating various media formats, businesses can effectively connect with their audience, enhance their brand image, and ultimately achieve their goals. This is one of the objectives of the Central Media Group, which has interests in OFM, the number one commercial station in Central South Africa, Mahareng Publishing, which publishes Bloemfontein Courant and Bloemfontein Get It, and Digital Platforms, a strategic online solutions business.

A multi-media approach is the deliberate use of a combination of different media formats to deliver a message or promote a product. This can include a variety of elements such as:

  • Visuals: Images, photographs, infographics, videos, print advertising and interactive elements.
  • Audio: Music, voiceovers, podcasts, radio advertising and sound effects.
  • Text: Written content such as product descriptions, blog posts, social media advertising, and website copy.
  • Events and promotions: Being in your customers’ space with exciting events and promotions that build brand loyalty and an emotional connection.

The benefits of a multi-media approach for products and business include increased engagement by using various media formats, and that products become more interactive and engaging, capturing and holding the attention of potential customers. This can lead to a deeper understanding of the product and its features, ultimately influencing purchase decisions. Enhanced storytelling allows for a richer and more compelling story to be told about a product. Businesses can showcase their products in action, highlight their benefits in a dynamic way, and evoke emotions in potential customers. A boosted brand image is the result of a well-executed multi-media approach portraying a company as innovative, forward-thinking, and invested in providing a holistic experience for its customers. This can enhance brand perception and build trust and loyalty.

In today’s competitive landscape, a multi-media approach is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for both products and businesses. By embracing this strategy, businesses can create compelling experiences, connect with their audience on a deeper level, and achieve their goals in a more effective and impactful way. As technology continues to evolve and consumer expectations rise, the power of the multi-media approach will only continue to grow, offering endless possibilities for creative expression and impactful communication.

By Nick Efstathiou, CEO – Central Media Group t/a OFM, the sound of your life.

Thursday, 14 March 2024 / Published in LATEST NEWS, OFM

In the heart of Central South Africa, agriculture is an essential economic driver and an integral part of many communities. In the midst of this beautiful landscape of vast landscapes, lushly planted fields and picturesque towns, OFM, the region’s leading commercial radio station, is at the forefront as a leader in the broadcasting industry when it comes to supporting the agricultural sector.

Since its foundation in 1986, OFM has constantly kept up with the changing needs and interests of our listeners. One of these needs is reflected in our dedicated agricultural niche programs where information is shared in Afrikaans. OFM is now the preferred source of regional information for producers and stakeholders through our daily agricultural news bulletins and specialist programmes, which include industry information, analysis, market reports and weather forecasts.

Our radio broadcasts and digital platforms provide producers with access to knowledge that is readily shared by policy makers, experts, and leader farmers. We also like to celebrate the region’s successes and encourage farmers to persevere in their all-important task of achieving food security.

OFM is not only a reliable source of industry information, but also actively participates in various projects to support and develop the rural and agricultural sector.

One such prominent partnership that highlights OFM’s commitment to the agricultural community is our collaboration with Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day, the largest agricultural trade show in the Southern Hemisphere. This annual event, which takes place outside Bothaville in the Free State, is a cornerstone of the agricultural calendar and attracts thousands of visitors, exhibitors and leaders from all corners of the country and even abroad.

From the 14th to 17th of May 2024, all agricultural roads lead to NAMPO Park, which serves as a central showcase for the latest innovation in agricultural technology, machinery, research and operations making it an unmissable opportunity for stakeholders to network, learn and engage in meaningful conversations.

As a media partner of Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day, OFM plays a key role in increasing the scope and reach of the event. The radio station provides comprehensive coverage of the expo and also gives exhibitors the opportunity to put their marketing messages within reach of the right eyes and ears to ensure they enjoy the best possible exposure.

OFM’s live broadcasts during the week include talks with exhibitors, agricultural role players and leaders in organised agriculture. Our marketing team also offers several exciting promotions on site, and visitors can stop by OFM’s stand to meet their favorite broadcasters, win prizes and purchase trendy clothing from OFM CLOSET in our pop-up shop.

Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day is an annual highlight for OFM and our programmes and activities are executed with great care to contribute to the larger message of hope and development that the agricultural sector holds for South Africa, as well as the atmosphere on the grounds of this great event, which is proudly taking place in our broadcast area.

In addition to this partnership with Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day, OFM has forged strong ties with local agricultural organisations, government bodies, industry associations and major players in the agricultural value chain, which further confirms our role as a champion of agribusiness.

Through collaborative initiatives, outreach programmes and community events, OFM advocates for the interests of producers, the promotion of knowledge exchange, and the support of sustainability.

OFM is proud of agriculture, proud of what agriculture achieves in our broadcasting area, and proud of the potential that agriculture holds for the development of our region as well as the entire country. On our platforms, agriculture is celebrated and your marketing message is trumpeted to an audience that also understands the indispensability of agriculture and still knows that they have to thank a farmer for the food on their plate every day.

OFM – our heart beats agriculture.

Thursday, 14 March 2024 / Published in JOZIFM, LATEST NEWS

“A Soweto Love Story” is a romantic comedy film produced by Netflix that takes place in the lively township of Soweto, South Africa. To promote the film and create excitement around it, Netflix partnered with Jozi FM to host a tactical 360-degree integrated media campaign that paid tribute to the geographic location and title of the movie, while also celebrating the cultural aspects portrayed in the film.

The launch campaign revolved around a one-hour love panel special broadcast on Valentine’s Day, strategically timed to capitalize on the romantic theme of the movie. The panel was hosted at Jozi FM’s state-of-the-art audio-visual studios with a live broadcast on-air and digital streaming in the form of video via YouTube and Facebook as well as audio digital streaming via IONO. Leading up to the special broadcast, Jozi FM aired teasers, generics and promos to create anticipation among listeners about the upcoming love panel discussion. The love panel consisted of the SA’s entertainment heavyweights such as Dr Lilian Dube, Kgomotso Christopher and Sonia Mbele, who discussed various aspects of the theme, including the movie’s storyline,  and cultural significance.

During the discussion, listeners gained a better understanding of the movie’s storyline and characters. We encouraged participation through call-ins, social media interactions, and live chats with our team, creating a sense of community across three touchpoints (on the ground, on air, and through digital platforms). This allowed the audience to share their excitement and expectations for the film.

The panel special broadcast generated high listener engagement, with a surge in call-ins, and social media interactions. Listeners expressed their enthusiasm for the film and shared their anticipation with friends and family. For a campaign that did not have any sort of competition, the Jozi FM audience responded well. The station generally gets such engagement and activity on campaigns where our audience has something to gain/ win. It just shows how relatable the movie was to our audience and how they always support their community.

Monday, 04 March 2024 / Published in AlgoaFM, LATEST NEWS

The beneficiaries of the 2023 Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer received their share of the charity event which took place about three months ago. An amount of R770 000 was handed over to Reach for a Dream, and Wings and Wishes at a ceremony at the premises of the Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer’s presenting partner, ISUZU Motors South Africa.

The big walk participation exceeded expectations, and instead of fulfilling 25 dreams as initially planned, Algoa FM can fulfill 38 dreams. Meanwhile, the donation to Wings and Wishes was initially aimed at providing transport and mercy bags for 120 children, however, 180 children will be able to receive transport support this year.

Both organisations play a crucial role in offering support to children grappling with life-threatening illnesses, including cancer, leukemia, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, renal failure, and various blood disorders.

Expressing gratitude for the support received, Lwanele Mpeta, Reach for a Dream Eastern Cape Regional Manager, disclosed that an average dream costs around R10,000.
She emphasised that the dream experience is grounded in four pillars: courage, hope, confidence, and family time. Mpeta said that the funds would be utilised to acquire laptops and tablets for dreamers.

“This donation will empower young patients to stay connected with their families during hospital stays, conduct research, complete school assignments, and continue learning and developing, while providing them with access to the world and a future perspective crucial for maintaining hope during treatment, she said.

Meanwhile, locally founded Wings and Wishes is dedicated to transporting critically and chronically ill children to and from specialised medical care. Their share of the donation will be allocated towards covering bus fare and mercy bags – a backpack with essential toiletries and pajamas for their hospital stay.

Inge Human, Manager at Wings and Wishes, highlighted the logistical challenges faced in the Eastern Cape due to its vast rural landscape, making access to expert medical care a complex task.

Alfie Jay, Managing Director of Algoa FM, recognised the vital support these organisations render to sick children, and acknowledged the collective effort of Algoa FM, its event sponsors and partners, and the big walk participants in enabling charities working with cancer patients to effectively carry out their mission.

Jay extended his thanks to all the sponsors of the event, recognising the indispensable support of presenting partner ISUZU Motors South Africa, as well as MTN, aQuellé, The Courier Guy, the Eastern Cape Department of Sport, Recreation Arts and Culture, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, and Value Added Life in making the Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer a success.

ISUZU Department Executive Corporate and Public Affairs, Lebogang Makoloi said, “We are privileged to have been the presenting partner during the 25th edition of the Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer in Gqeberha, East London and George, a mass charity event that continues to allow us to walk in step with society and show solidarity with all those affected by cancer.

In October we celebrate the 26th Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer event. Reach out to your United Stations AE now to seize opportunities to make a difference.

Image caption: Harold and Jeanine Lamprecht parents of cancer survivor; Celestin Ndhlovu, ISUZU Vice President of Strategy, Business Planning and Marketing Motors South Africa; Haley Lamprecht (cancer survivor and Wings and Wishes recipient); Lebogang Makoloi, ISUZU Department Executive Corporate and Public Affairs; Alfie Jay, Algoa FM Managing Director; Sivesethu Ndubela (former Reach for a dream recipient); Lwanele Mpeta, Reach for a Dream Eastern Cape Regional Manager and Inge Human, Manager at Wings and Wishes.