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Over 300 new and used fabric masks donated by Algoa FM staff will be used to make reusable, washable cloth pads for young girls in need.

The masks were handed over to Red Ruby Pads, a volunteer organisation which is keeping Covid-19 fabric masks out of landfills while meeting a social need.

Flannel and cotton fleece masks are sewn into the reusable pads, according to project coordinator Amber Wicks.

“Algoa FM is supporting the project through our corporate social investment programme Algoa Cares. This project touches on all our pillars, which are education, health and the environment,” says Algoa FM marketing manager Lesley Geyer.

“Research has shown that girls are often forced to stay away from school because they do not have suitable sanitary pads.

“From an environmental perspective there are thousands of cloth masks which will simply end up in landfills rather than being put to good use,” she adds.

Depending on the fabric used to manufacture the original mask, as many as two or three masks will be used to make the inserts for a pad, according to Wicks.

Polycotton pads are being sewn into kiddie aprons and reusable grocery bags.

“These will be sold to raise funds to purchase the right materials,” she says.

At present, the pads are being sewn and distributed by volunteers, but there are plans to formally register as a non-profit organisation in order to be able to create jobs for people who will be trained to cut and sew them, she says.

In picture: At the handover of new and used cloth masks to Red Ruby Pads, are, from left to right: Celeste Thomas (Algoa FM HR Manager), Desire Pratt (Algoa FM Finance Manager) and Amber Wicks (Red Ruby Pads Project Coordinator).

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Looking back over the last five decades, there is no doubt which decade had the strongest identity – its own unique style, diversity, and pop culture – it was the great 80s!

Regarded by many as the best decade in music, the 80s is known for its truly authentic music style – like big pop ballads, synthetic drums, musical experimentation, and the birth of hip hop culture. It was the golden era of pop & rock.

It also created two bona fide geniuses, Michael Jackson and Prince. And a range of other artists that you love!

Whether it was the first time you held hands, getting your first car, or your first job – there is always an 80s song that takes you back to that special moment.

And there is only one radio station where you’ll always find the 80s – Smile FM.

Smile FM illustrates this 80s dominance through its new ad campaign – by using iconic 80s song lines to create an emotional connection with the station – making you smile from ear to ear!

Smile FM plays more 80s than anyone else in Cape Town – not only the songs you love but also the ones you’ve forgotten you love!

The 80s truly lives on Smile 90.4FM – streaming on or on your smart device – just say: ‘play Smile FM’.

Tune into Smile 90.4FM or visit to keep up to date with more exciting news.

Combining radio with digital is proving to be a sure-fire way to increase ROI. We live in a fast-paced world, focused on recovering from a devastating pandemic. Brands have to fight for our attention and reaching a specific target audience is becoming a greater challenge. In this environment, radio and digital is proving to be a two-punch strategy that can save the day, and advertisers who combine these two channels are seeing incredible results.


The very disruption in the radio industry that led many to declare the imminent demise of the medium, has actually strengthened it and led to an astonishing resurgence. Today, radio is driving the development of multiple new opportunities such as streaming, online radio, podcasting and new audio content sharing platforms that are fast changing the advertising landscape. All the while, traditional radio is alive and well, and still a super effective way to reach a target audience.

Digital advertising has proven itself to be relevant and ubiquitous, allowing for genuine B2C and B2B connections. Using social media to get found and to become liked is incredibly valuable and just like radio, without a digital strategy, brands will struggle to succeed.

Combining two powerful channels

When you decide to combine radio with digital, you get the power of radio’s ability to engage and drive search, along with the powerful increase in presence provided by your digital strategy. The result is a much improved two-way communication with your target market, to drive a much higher ROI. Combining radio and digital allows for your message to be reinforced across multiple platforms, strengthening both the message and creating a more cohesive strategy. When a potential client knows your name, can sing your jingle and sees you near the top of the search results, that is extremely powerful.

Most stations already have a highly developed digital ecosystem and will develop a supporting digital strategy around most traditional radio campaigns. This will include carefully placing visual ads in places where the advertisers’ target audience will visit. Thanks to the nature of radio, radio station websites and social media enjoy high traffic. This is the way listeners enter contests and engage with the radio station and their favourite personalities, so it is the ideal place to execute digital strategy and improve the target market’s connection with a brand.

Beyond the enormous reach of station websites, radio stations are also equipped to place all forms of relevant digital advertising, outside of their owned properties. These digital elements should mirror on-air radio advertising to create consistency and maximize potential ROI.

With the many challenges of getting the economy and business back on a growth path, it only makes sense that we take advantage of every avenue that we have. Getting discovered can be tough, and standing out and being remembered can be even harder. Radio and digital are the vibrant double act that takes care of those universal marketing pains.

Written by Rivak Bunce, Managing Director of United Stations.

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Algoa Country’s favourite morning show host, Wayne Hart, will be back on the air with his teammates – Lee, Charlie T and Producer Corn this coming Monday, the 1st of August.

This follows a five-and-a-half-month absence from the airwaves due to a complicated health scare. Hart, who spent 119 days in Hospital – 37 of which were in the ICU, 21 days on a ventilator and 4 days on dialysis; spent a further 28 days at the Aurora Rehabilitation Hospital. This after suddenly falling ill in mid-February and being diagnosed with Pancreatitis.

“I have been taking it very easy since my release from Aurora on 13 July”, says Hart. “Six surgical procedures later and a loss of 35 kilograms will slow anyone down and truth be told, I am lucky to be alive.”

Managing Director, Alfie Jay says: “My team is like a close-knit family. “It really has been a challenging passage of time for us, but by the Grace of God, Wayne has survived this horrible ordeal and we are truly relieved as well as grateful. “Our audience and clients have communicated so much love and care over this period and I’d like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for their support,” says Jay.

Hart said, “I’d like to thank each and every person who sent messages of support and encouragement to me, the station, my colleagues and my spouse. “I also want to thank my breakfast teammates and the station for their endless love, support and commitment, says Hart”.

Based on the doctor’s orders, Wayne will be broadcasting from home during the month of August as he continues on his road to recovery.

Jay said: “It would be remiss of me to not compliment Lee Duru, Charlton Tobias and Cornelius Poisat, on the way in which they have carried themselves and produced award-winning radio under trying conditions during Wayne’s extended absence – thank you Champs, and welcome back Wayne!”

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One of OFM’s biggest competitions of the year, the #OFMFanWall, reached its epic conclusion with the awarding of the grand prize of R20 000 cash on 1 July 2022 – OFM’s 36th birthday.

Listeners were able to enter the competition by visiting any of OFM’s outdoor broadcasts to have their photo taken from March until the end of June. These photos now form part of a huge digital photo album and will also feature on highway billboards as well as prominent places in Central South Africa.

During the last phase of the campaign, 16 semi-finalists were selected in a random draw. Finally, four finalists were randomly drawn during the last week of the competition. They were Patrick Rose from Upington, Riana Oosthuizen from Vanderbijlpark, Taytum Adonis from Klerksdorp, and Marghalet van der Linde from Wesselsbron.

On the morning of 1 July, during the Good Morning Breakfast show, finalists were eliminated throughout the morning. Rose and Van der Linde were the final contestants left standing.

After much suspense, Van der Linde was announced as the grand prizewinner.

She entered the competition when her photo was taken at OFM’s outdoor broadcast at Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day in May.

“I can’t believe it, it feels unreal!” Van der Linde exclaimed. “Thank you OFM and have a great birthday. It feels like my birthday as well!”

Van der Linde also used the opportunity to express what the radio station means to her: “You mean so much to us (listeners), encouraging us, playing songs that make your day, giving us interesting stories… My radio is constantly on OFM. You travel everywhere with me!”

According to OFM Content Manager, Elzette Boucher-Krüger, this was another amazing #OFMTwenty20You campaign from The Sound of Your Life.

“Towards the end of 2021 already, OFM endeavoured to create opportunities for our listeners to turn 2022 into ‘Twenty-20-You’. Our first campaign saw a deserving student win a year’s tuition at Potchefstroom Academy and SAAST. We also established our monthly Bucks for Bills competition to help listeners pay their bills in these trying times. Then, The Real Good Travel Book competition awarded R15 000 cash for a bucket list travel story. Now, the big one – the Fan Wall – has concluded. We not only made an OFM fan R20 000 richer, but through this campaign we’ve crisscrossed our broadcast region, meeting the people who tune in and collecting a myriad of friendly faces, representing the beautiful people of our special broadcast region.”

OFM would like to thank our loyal advertisers without whom these campaigns would not be possible.

We look forward to the second half of 2022 and making sure that we keep on creating opportunities for our listeners to have the best year ever.

The OFM Fan Wall digital photo album can be accessed here.

For more information, contact:

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The current media/advertising/marketing world is one of increasing uncertainty, making it more difficult for decision makers to confidently make decisions that, in a more stable environment, were really easy to make.

The CMO’s, brand managers, media strategists, planners and buyers responsible for buying media are struggling to make sense of their environment and they need something more from media owners, something more than another media rep asking them about their problems… again!

When it’s all about – ‘Why us?’

Too many media sellers differentiate in the exact same way as their competitors differentiate, something they prove by opening meetings with a lecture on how great their company is, followed by how fabulous their medium is, rankings, audience numbers, special discount packages and incentives and how this will solve all the client’s problems.

This legacy approach to sales is far too transactional to create the value a decision-maker needs while assessing their options. Being an expert on your medium and your solution doesn’t enable anyone to make the best decision for an advertiser.

There are decisions before the decision of what to buy and who from. Media selection today, is fraught with the potential of negative consequences. The complex cast of characters that are typically charged with making these decisions, have an obligation to make the best possible decision for their brand and the better future results they need. This is the opportunity for the media seller to prove that they do belong in the room. Throughout history, decisionmakers have relied on advisors who could provide a perspective that would inform their decisions and increase their ability to better understand the decision and the potential outcomes.

Why me’ is better than ‘why us’.

Modern media sellers understand that they are the value proposition.

They truly believe that the best outcome for a client struggling to make a decision is to have the help of someone with the experience to provide perspective, advice and recommendations about how to make the decision. Even though the decision maker will ultimately make the decision, there is no reason they should be uninformed when there are people that can help them.

To prove that they deserve to be in the room next to the decision maker who is considering their options and deciding what to do, they show that they can be consultative and strategic, earning the position of a trusted advisor.

Modern media sellers are adept at starting conversations that are focused on strategic outcomes. They can improve the exchange by addressing what is relevant and meaningful to the advertiser. In this way much of the problems of selling and buying can be improved.

The most important decision we can make right now as professional media sellers, is to do the work that allows us to be the person our clients ask to join them when they need to make a change.

Written by Rivak Bunce, Managing Director at United Stations.

Mon, 20 Jun 2022 / Published in LATEST NEWS, OFM

While sales of the OFM # BakkieArm sleeve steadily progressing for the benefit of the Agri Securitas Trust Fund, The Sound of Your Life also had listeners entertained on the morning of 15 June 2022, with the release of an original song in celebration of the # BakkieArm.

With lyrics from the pen of Good Morning Breakfast presenter, Shandor Potgieter, OFM sales manager, Anchen Lintvelt, and exquisite mixing by Bobby Johnson of Rebirth Music, SOYL’s “Bakkie Arm” promises to get feet tapping.

The release of the song, registered under SOYL (pronounced soil – and an acronym of Sound of Your Life) is not only healthy fun, but also aims to draw more attention to a more important cause.

The #BakkieArm sleeve was born from regular insert on the breakfast show, ‘Word of the Week’, and has evolved organically to such a point that a garment was fashioned to pull over a driver’s arm to protect it from the sun, so that their one arm does not become more tanned than the other.

OFM recently launched the #BakkieArm campaign to raise funds for Agri Securitas, a non-profit organisation that works to improve rural safety.

The radio station chose this organisation because Central South Africa is the heartland of agriculture in South Africa.

A #BakkieArm sleeve can be purchased for a donation from R100 each on OFM’s website, by following this link. This is also where “SOYL – Bakkie Arm” can be downloaded, free of charge.

Follow #BakkieArm on social media for updates on this fundraising project.

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Aspirant radio announcers and DJs will be given a taste of being on air through a virtual Algoa FM “takeover” on Youth Day, June 16.

Fifteen learners living in the Algoa FM footprint have been selected after sending in 60-second voice clips motivating why they should be given a chance to be on air, according to Algoa FM programme manager Baydu Adams.

“Our youth programme looks at giving learners a first in a lifetime opportunity to experience the magic of radio from or side of the microphone.

“We always encourage growth and development for youngsters, and this is a great opportunity to interact with young radio lovers across Algoa Country”, he says.

With Covid regulations still in place the learners will be prepared and coached online, and will be presenting virtually together with the in-studio broadcaster.

They will take turns to be on air on Thursday, 16th June 2022 from nine in the morning through to five in the afternoon.

Fri, 10 Jun 2022 / Published in LATEST NEWS, OFM

What on earth is a #BakkieArm?

What started with ‘Word of the Week’ is now Central South Africa’s latest fashion trend, all for a good cause.

The OFM Good Morning Breakfast, weekdays 06:00 – 09:00, recently entertained listeners with their weekly riddle – ‘Word of the Week’ – during which a novelty word is revealed to the audience, and they then have to guess what it means.

On Monday, 30 May 2022, this word was ‘bakkie-arm’ that refers to a driver’s right arm, which is more tanned than their left arm due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Over the following few days, the breakfast team asked listeners to share their bakkie arms as well as advice on how to prevent this type of sunburn.

A piece of clothing pulled over the arm to block out the sun and prevent the skin from tanning, was the solution.

Towards the end of the week, presenter Shandor Potgieter unveiled the prototype of the #BakkieArm and also had the rest of the OFM team line up for a photo shoot. All for a laugh.

However, due to the demand for OFM’s #BakkieArm, the team started to think beyond a mere ‘feel good’ campaign. And, because Central South Africa is the heartland of agriculture, OFM decided to donate 100% the proceeds of the sales of each #BakkieArm sleeve to the Agri Securitas Trust Fund, a non-profit organisation geared toward improving rural security.

A #BakkieArm sleeve can be purchased for a donation from R100 each on OFM’s website here.

“#BakkieArm is a great example of imagination, creativity and fun, underpinned by a strong purpose to do the right thing for our audience through the Agri Securitas Trust Fund. This is how the magic of radio comes alive and demonstrates its role in society to reflect and lead,” says OFM Programme Manager, Tim Thabethe.

Sales Manager, Anchen Lintvelt adds that OFM’s listeners have contributed to the creation of something wonderful: “Not only will the OFM #BakkieArm protect your arm against the sun, cool it off, and make you look good, everyone will also know that you are supporting this worthy cause. To everyone driving long hours, who works in the sun and farms to produce food – OFM salutes you!”

According to Kobus Visser, Director: Rural Safety and Provincial Affairs at Agri SA, the farming- and rural community’s safety is not only a farmers’ issue but a community and a national food security issue.

“It is the farmers and farm workers that provide enough food daily on the table of South-Africans and contribute to national stability. By supporting OFM’s #BakkieArm initiative, the trust fund is supported and can contribute in securing our farmers and farm workers,” adds Visser.

Follow #BakkieArm on social media for updates on this fundraising project.

For more information, contact:

Agri Securitas trust fund: Kobus Visser (082 388 0010),

OFM: Tim Thabethe (051 5050 900),

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Algoa FM has extended its reach into millions of more homes through all of DStv’s South African packages.

The Eastern Cape diaspora and lovers of contemporary adult music can listen to Algoa FM on Channel 837.

“This has been a work in progress as well as a business objective for many years and I am delighted that we have finally extended our reach for audience and advertisers alike”, says Alfie Jay, managing director of Algoa FM.

“Over the course of many years, holidaymakers returning home after a stint in Algoa Country, as we like to call it, have written to us asking why we’re not on DStv’s audio bouquet. Finally, we can answer in the affirmative”, says Jay. 

Algoa FM connects with its audience through a transmitter network stretching from the Garden Route to the Wild Coast and inland through the Karoo, as well as live via its stream at

Jay says that, until recently, the barrier to entry had been a prohibitive monthly cost to distribute the station’s signal to the Multiplex Satellite Input Port at DStv’s Midrand premises in Gauteng.

“Recent advances in technology coupled with innovative solutions by the Algoa FM technical team and investment in equipment by Algoa FM, have finally made this long term business goal achievable.

“This is a proud time for Algoa FM. I am pleased for many of our listening fans throughout South Africa.

“I am also delighted for our clients who will now be receiving the added value of National exposure via DStv Channel 837!” says Jay.

“MultiChoice is proud to announce the launch of Algoa FM on DStv Channel 837,” said a MultiChoice spokesperson when the Algoa FM feed went live.

“Algoa FM is an award-winning commercial radio station which features relevant news, traffic and weather as well as a great mix of music appealing to adults aged 25 years and older.

“The station is available on various DStv platforms at no extra cost.”