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Multi-talented Algoa FM Breakfast show presenter, Lee Duru will be seen on the small screen in M-Net’s new suspense filled series, Recipes for Love and Murder.

Starring alongside award winning Maria Doyle Kennedy (Outlander, Orphan Black, Kin) and Tony Kgoroge (Black Sails, Invictus, Long Walk to Freedom), the 10-episode series will be taking over the prime time slot that traditionally belongs to the Sunday night movie.

“I play the role of Grace Zihlangu who is a domestic worker in her early 50’s. A quiet but determined woman with gravitas, she is by no means subservient to anyone in her little town,” says Duru. 

She lives for her son, but unforeseen circumstances compel her to shift focus and pursue the high hopes she’s always had for herself.

“The role was emotionally demanding. It doesn’t get more raw than a mother’s feelings toward her child – but it was a wonderfully meaty role and I tried to portray it as truthfully as I could.

“The professional, collaborative culture that was baked into the various facets of the production was amazing and I’m thankful to have swum in these creative waters,” she says.

While filming the series, Duru took time off from the Algoa FM Breakfast with Wayne, Lee and Charlie T.

“Lee is indeed multi-talented, and we are very happy that the opportunity arose for her to showcase her experienced acting skills”, says Algoa FM’s Managing Director Alfie Jay

“We are excited to tune in to M-Net at 8pm on the 20th of March, to watch Recipes for Love and Murder, starring our very own Lee”, he says.

Lee is an integral part of the breakfast show alongside Wayne Hart and Charlton Tobias.

She joined the Algoa FM in 2016.

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 OFM, the sound of your life is excited to announce its involvement in the highly anticipated return of one for Central South Africa’s proudest establishments, the Bloem Show, set to take place in the Free State capital, Bloemfontein, 27 April – 7 May 2022. 

According to Elmarie Prinsloo, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bloem Show, the trade fair is one of only two shows in the country that successfully combines commercial activities and agricultural art, boasting just over 100 000 visitors annually, contributing more than R100 million to the local economy while creating 1 150 temporary jobs during the period of the show. 

Bloem Show famously hosts the largest open-air saddle horse show in the world, and more than 22 agricultural championships. 

Since its founding in 1883, the show has had a successful track record for more than 139 years, showcasing more than 300 exhibitors, diverse entertainment, the largest section of creative artwork in the country, a dairy product show, as well as stud breeders championships. 

Understandably, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the show could not be hosted the past two years, and the organisers have recently indicated that they are ready to safely host a large scale event within adjusted regulations. 

“Visitors, exhibitors, participants and agricultural exhibitors are looking forward to the show with incredible excitement and thus far, feedback has been positive,” says Prinsloo. 

She further confirmed the entertainment programme is jam packed with OFM proud to host various music evenings featuring: Sing Country featuring Juanita du Plessis, Franja du Plessis and Ruan Josh, Francois van Coke, Snotkop and Spoegwolf. In addition, OFM is a proud sponsor of the popular FMX Flight Night motorbike stunt shows as well. 

Through various competitions, OFM listeners can also stand a chance to win tickets and cash to make Bloem Show 2022 a memorable event. 

“It is exciting times ahead with the ‘re-opening’ of the Bloem Show. We have missed this ‘grand old lady’. OFM is continuing to partner in the presentation and encourage the entire Central South Africa to visit and bring the family,” says Nick Efstathiou, CEO of the Central Media Group which has interests in OFM. 

Other attractions include: Lollos performances for children, BMX and skateboarding demonstrations, bodybuilding competition, synthetic ice skating rink, oval track racing and the first ever polo event at the show. 

The agricultural programme boasts 23 championships of horses, small stock, and cattle, of which 13 are national championships. The national championship of the Jack Russell dog breed will also be presented.  

“Thank you for everyone’s support over these past two difficult years. We have done everything we could do to preserve Bloem Show for the community and we rely on everyone’s support this year. Don’t miss out, Bloem Show 2022 will offer the best entertainment, exhibitors, agricultural championships and an excellent marketing opportunity. Despite the rising costs and expenses, the Bloem Show brings its exhibitors and visitors prices at 2020 rates,” concludes Prinsloo. 

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The Covid-19 pandemic not only had far-reaching implications for the economy, it also had a devastating effect on the creative, arts and entertainment sectors in particular.

As South Africa, and Central South Africa, slowly enters what could cautiously be labelled as ‘recovery’, the time is ripe for audiences to support their beloved artists on stage.

OFM and Bloemfontein Courant are proud to be associated with Bloem in Concert, featuring the cream of local talents from the City of Roses.

Produced by Marlou Strydom, in association with PACOFS, the performance will take place at 19:00 on 19 March 2022 at the Sand du Plessis Theatre in Bloemfontein.

The concert will feature Cezanne Yzelle, Gerduan Kemp, Mario Lategan, Ella Kotze, Corneil Müller, Lise-Maré Markgraaf and Arend Brink Jr., accompanied by an 11-piece ensemble, under the baton of musical producer and arranger Heinrich Lategan.

Celebrating the talents of local musical celebrities, Bloem in Concert will feature original singles by the singers as well as collaborative works that will feature them as never heard before. Bloem in Concert will also feature a range of debut live performances, such as Anton Esterhuyse’s Song of Resilience, released in December and specially arranged for the performance.

“It is exciting to think a staged show can take place once again in one of South Africa’s premier venues. Marlou and his team have put together something very special. OFM and Bloemfontein Courant are thrilled to be part of this event,” says Nick Efstathiou, CEO of the Central Media Group which has interests in OFM and Bloemfontein Courant.

Strydom explains that Bloem in Concert is not just a passion project: “It is a movement that I want to initiate in Bloemfontein to support the return and progression of music in Bloemfontein. We have so many great musicians, artists and singers and I just decided that it is time to give them a proper platform for a proper performance. For the first time in two years, Bloemfontein will be able to experience such a grandiose performance with world-class musicians and singers. Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime performance!”

Tickets are available at the PACOFS Ticket Office at R100 per person or R80 per person for group bookings of five or more.

For more information, contact marketing@ofm.co.za.

Radio advertising revenue has made an astonishing recovery from the blow it took during the first year of the pandemic. Since the incremental reopening of business activity began, advertiser investment has grown swiftly . Why is radio doing so well?

The booming fortunes of radio suggest that there are multiple factors conspiring in its favour. One of these is that radio has been bolstered rather than challenged by new technology. Technology has enabled radio to become a multi-platform medium, accessed through analogue and digital broadcast receivers and increasingly streamed to mobiles, smart speakers, PCs, and tablets (according to The Infinite Dial report 2022, 64% of South Africans listen to radio on a mobile, TV or computer). All of this technology has contributed to raising the profile of audio entertainment, especially radio.

The rise in listening to radio and other audio content via connected devices, is also creating new commercial opportunities in the form of digital audio advertising placed into streamed or downloaded audio content including radio, on-demand music services, and podcasts (already 48% of South Africans are familiar with podcasting – The Infinite Dial report 2022). United Stations has placed itself at the forefront of this opportunity, by providing advertisers with targeted audio ads in prestigious environments. This has been accelerated by its partnerships with Wondery (the world’s largest independent podcast network), close collaboration with its portfolio of radio stations, class leading business content created by Moneyweb and exclusive representation of podcasters and audio publishers such as South Africa’s most successful podcaster, MacG

This enormous ecosystem of curated content, started life as predominantly live, presenter-led music and speech based audio entertainment, that is now part of a much wider opportunity for advertisers.

It’s more and more obvious that the way in which media content is consumed has changed significantly. With the rise of new audio formats such as podcasts and targeted streaming radio options, coupled with their convergence with video and the internet, listeners and advertisers have more options than ever before. The ubiquity of smart phones (according to The Infinite Dial report 2022, 90% of South Africans over 15 years of age own a cell phone) and the fact that audio content is “device neutral”, means that people can listen to almost anything, anywhere, and at any time.

Unsurprisingly, more services and greater availability is leading to an increase in overall audio listening and research confirms that around 96% of  adults spend around 18% of all their media time, listening to some form of audio entertainment. This opens a world of possibilities for advertisers as according to The Radiocentre’s Hear and Now study, listeners choose audio to satisfy six very specific needs:

  • “Help me escape”
  • “Lift my mood”
  • “Amplify a moment”
  • “Provide social currency”
  • “Broaden my horizons”
  • “Keep me in the loop”.

The different features of broadcast radio and on-demand audio mean that they are suited to different need-states and play complementary roles in the listener’s life. Live radio offers human voice and human choice and retains the ability to surprise, while keeping us connected to the outside world. What makes on-demand audio services different, is the potential to listen to anything of specific interest. On-demand offers control and instant gratification and the ability for a more immersive experience. While radio helps people feel connected to the wider world, on-demand helps to connect them to their world.

We now know that millions of listeners have formed new habits for accessing their favourite stations and this will have a lasting effect, resulting in radio remaining a vibrant and exciting sector with many interesting new developments in the pipeline. Among these exciting advances are voice control moving into other locations (in-car and wearables); the rise of dynamic creative within digital audio ads to stream the most pertinent version of an ad to each individual listener and increasing use of 3D sound to deliver a more immersive audio advertising experience.

For a long time, United Stations has viewed radio as a platform…over-the-air, streaming, podcasting, live events, digital, etc. We package these multiple opportunities together so that advertisers can reach our listeners no matter which element of our platform they are using.

Right now we feel that we are only at the beginning of what is possible.

Written by Rivak Bunce, Managing Director of United Stations.

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This March, OFM is coming to meet our loyal listeners. Our team will travel all over our beautiful region to explore the gems of the Free State, Northern Cape, North West and Vaal. From 3 – 26 March 2022, OFM will broadcast live from selected towns on selected days to give our listeners a chance to win with the launch of the #OFMFanWall competition!

As part of our mission to turn 2022 into #Twenty20You, OFM wants our listeners to be part of our special road trip album! Not only are we creating a digital memory of our cherished listeners to publish online, we plan to place this giant montage on the highways crisscrossing Central South Africa and let your friendly faces welcome visitors to OFM airspace.

To be part of our giant memory wall, fans need to visit any OFM outside broadcast from 3 March to 26 June 2022, have the OFM team snap your pic in the designated area, and let them capture your details to be entered into the grand prize draw for R20 000 cash on OFM’s birthday – 1 July 2022.

Plus, to start the celebrations early, OFM will be awarding spot prizes of R1000 per every “All Over Central SA” outside broadcast! The first 100 visitors at each of our “All O-ver Central SA” outside broadcasts will also receive an exclusive wristband.

“This campaign also ties in to The Real Good Travel Book competition, we recently launched with Hinterland and Hinterland Fuels. Our presenters are eager to ‘hit the road’ and explore the beautiful places and meet the lovely faces of Central South Africa. It’s a wonderful way of bringing the voices on air, closer to the ears on the ground,” says OFM Content Manager, Elzette Boucher-Krüger.

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Over 7 000 supporters of the 2021 Virtual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer raised sufficient funds to pay for a brand-new transporter for the Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa (CHOC), as well as sporting equipment for a rural club.

The seven-seat transporter will be used in and around East London to transport children affected by cancer as well as their care givers.

“The CHOC ‘vehicles of hope’ are safe and reliable methods of transport, enabling patients and their caregivers to be driven to and from the hospitals and the CHOC houses,” says CHOC CEO, Hedley Lewis.

“The vehicles reduce the financial burden on patients while minimizing contact with the public where they could be exposed to infections to their already compromised immunity.

“We sincerely appreciate Algoa FM who united a community via their “walk to donate a vehicle of hope” to CHOC. Through this generous donation you enable us to alleviate the financial stress on the families and assist our beneficiaries on their cancer journey by helping them to complete their treatment successfully,” he says. 

In 2021 CHOC used the exposure provided by the Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer to raise childhood cancer awareness as well as its early signs and symptoms within the region.

“Being chosen as the beneficiary of the Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer has been a dream come true for CHOC East London”, says Eastern Cape Regional Manager, Debbie Kleinenberg.

“Not only have we received amazing coverage and awareness of childhood cancer, but we have also received a vehicle that will be used to support the CHOC families with daily transport to and from the hospital, as well as being used to visit communities to share information on the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer.”

Left to right, Debbie Kleinenberg, Hedley Lewis of CHOC and Alfie Jay, managing director of Algoa FM.

“Thank you Algoa FM, the sponsors and entrants of the 2021 Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer. We look forward to the 2022 Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer as we continue making a difference in the lives of those affected and infected by cancer,” added Kleinenberg.”

Fort Beaufort-based athletics club “P35 Sweaty and Strong” was nominated as the sports beneficiary for 2021 by the Eastern Cape Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture (DSRAC).

The sports club was founded in 2019 by Pindiwe Yengeni, a primary school teacher in the town.

“The Eastern Cape Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture in partnership with the Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer continues to promote a healthy lifestyle in the Eastern Cape” says Assistant Manager for Recreation Development, Nozuko Damoyi.

“Many types of cancer are lifestyle diseases which can be prevented through regular exercise.

“In addition to its support for cancer organisations in the Eastern Cape, the Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer raises funds for sporting equipment which is donated to under-resourced clubs.

“This equipment provides a foundation for the sports stars of tomorrow and promotes a healthy lifestyle in the community”, says Damoyi.  

“Support for the Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer came from all over the country, and it was encouraging to see the increase of organisations joining in on the pink fun,” says Algoa FM’s managing director, Alfie Jay.

“The Eastern Cape department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture has partnered with the Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer for a number of years, with the mutual goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle in the Eastern Cape”, says Jay.

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It is a dream come true for Lusanda Mafanya, who has won a R100 000 bursary from the new International Hotel School Gqeberha campus, in a tense and exciting weekend cook-off.

Pictured: Lusanda Mafanya, John Creighton, Nobulungisa Mafanya

After entering through Algoa FM, he competed against 9 other aspirant chefs who all qualified for a R30 000 bursary towards their culinary studies.

The 23-year-old matriculated from Pearson High School in 2016 and lives in Forest Hill, Gqeberha.

“This bursary means that a long life passion and dream is finally becoming a reality,” says the excited Mafanya.

“I’d say I first learnt how to cook spending time in the kitchen watching my mom and gran cooking as a kid. Seeing how much love and joy was in that kitchen and that’s where my passion for this stems from.

“This opportunity will open so many new and exciting opportunities and experiences that will stay with me forever. Being a chef, and a great one at that, means everything to me,” he added.

“We are very excited to be in Gqeberha, to bring world class hospitality business and culinary education to the Eastern Cape,” says John Creighton, Director of International Hotel School, who are proudly part of the Swiss-based Sommet Education.

“We have been looking for the right opportunity and have found the perfect location in Gqeberha. The first intake will be starting classes on March 7, 2022.

“We have had an overwhelming positive response from the public in general and hospitality industry in the greater Gqeberha area,” said Creighton.

The second runner up was 20-year-old Ronaldo Roos, originally from Jeffrey’s Bay, who matriculated at Oosterland High School.

The third runner up was 24-year-old Wade Robert from Blue Water Bay. He attended Elsen Academy and matriculated in 2007.

For the cook-off, they were challenged to produce a winning gourmet burger cooked from scratch.

“Congratulations to all the bursary winners. We look forward to seeing you and all our students on campus in March,” adds Creighton.

The bursaries were offered in partnership with Algoa FM, which hosted an online competition asking entrants to motivate why they should qualify for a culinary bursary.

The International Hotel School programmes are designed to ensure that graduates are job-ready.

“Algoa FM partnered with the International Hotel School on this campaign to encourage youth to continue to pursue hospitality studies. Despite the hard knock during the early COVID-19 lockdowns, it is a thriving service-orientated career for those who are passionate about the industry.

“Education is also a pillar of focus under our corporate social investment sub-brand, Algoa Cares,” says Algoa FM Marketing Manager Lesley Geyer.

“Our approach is very much experiential focused, educating and training our students to be ‘job-ready’ upon graduation,” says Creighton.

According to the International Hotel School, the Professional Cookery Programme helps students take the first steps to become a master chef, gain the knowledge and experience to move effortlessly between the most basic puff pastry to complex plated desserts.

The courses cover safety at work, the preparation of food, healthy eating, special diets, costing, and menu planning from start to finish.

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Algoa FM’s Border Drive charity golf day returns to East London in 2022. It will be hosted on Friday the 29th of April at the East London Golf Club.

Non-profit organisations situated in and around Buffalo City are invited to apply to be the beneficiary.

“We have missed hosting this popular charity golf day for the past two years and we look forward to getting back into the swing of business on the course,” says marketing manager Lesley Geyer

“Charities that will be considered are those in education, health and the environment”, she says.

Applications close on February the 18th.

Please visit Algoa Cares on www.algoafm.co.za for further information and the application form.

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The new year is in full swing, and the audio revolution is showing no signs of slowing down. Audio creation and consumption have both gone through major shifts over the last two years, as the world continues to grapple with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The face of audio is set to continue changing in 2022. Perhaps even faster than we might think. 

From the rise of unconventional new competitors, all the way to opportunities to listen to, repurpose and distribute an abundance of premium content from all over the world, there’s quite a bit going on. Mindful of this, it’s worth taking a look at the potential impact of these changes within the evolving audio landscape over the next twelve months.

Radio’s essential role during the pandemic

Although it might feel like the first lockdown in 2020 was a long time ago, in the grander scheme of things the pandemic has only been a part of daily life for a relatively short period. Radio has been one of the mediums that really stepped it up since then, diving in head first and keeping people entertained and informed in a period of high uncertainty, and with the threat of fake news around every corner.

This has contributed to the now booming face of audio — which has long been on the radar of tech companies and Silicon Valley startups — but is only just beginning to gain a lot of mainstream momentum. The widespread adoption of voice notes have played an important part in this too. Radio is the master of reinvention, but as powerful as it is, it is going to come under more pressure from a variety of new sources this year. This is especially true considering the revenue growth numbers many commercial radio stations are posting in what is a very delicate global economic climate.

The revised face of audio?

The changing face of audio might be better described as a revised face of audio. Media consumption habits are going through major shifts all over the world. In the US, the average adult consumes about 11 hours of media every day; 20.2% more than a decade ago. Mobile consumption is up to an average of a rather staggering 252 minutes a day.

Audio content creators and distributors are having to think out of the box to meet the changing needs of their audiences, in order to get a slice of the (attention) pie. These all have to be mindful that consumption habits are generation-specific too. Baby boomers still prefer traditional media, whereas GenZ’s are quite predictably glued to their mobile devices. Knowing who you’re speaking to matters, but it’s about more than just high quality content these days. How it gets delivered and how that slots into the life of the consumer can mean the difference between good engagement, or simply being passed over for something else.

New competition from non-traditional establishments

Not being passed over means keeping an eye on all the new competition popping up. These are increasingly coming from non-traditional establishments that spot the opportunity of poaching a traditional radio audience. A prime example of this is the Los Angeles Times; formerly a written publication that has had to pivot over the last decade to counter dwindling revenues in print media.

By creating The Times — a popular daily podcast that has great monetisation potential — they have successfully navigated some very murky waters. They haven’t changed what they have always done best: high-quality journalism. The difference now is that these in-studio interviews, detailed reports and more are all going to live online forever, with the potential to repurpose the content elsewhere at a later stage too. Other podcasts are knocking on the doors of the attention spans of traditional radio audiences too.

Wonder(y) and podcasting power

That’s not to say that radio isn’t ready to put up a good fight. In a bid to get ahead of the curve, African Media Entertainment recently signed a deal to partner with Wondery, the biggest independent podcast distributor in the world. The collaboration means that AME has the rights to promote some of the countless Wondery podcasts through subsidiaries, like Algoa FM and OFM.

The latest PWC Media Outlook estimates 19 million monthly podcast users in South Africa by 2024.  By working together, both radio and podcasts have the ability to transform the audio landscape even further. I have a particular love for podcasting, and thoroughly enjoy being a guest on insightful shows like The DOC and the GURU. From a content creators perspective, podcasting is fun, engaging and relatively uncomplicated to get going with. Done well, it can be alluring to listeners in the same way radio has always been. It will also be big business in the future.

A view towards the year ahead

It’s safe to say that 2022 will see more players entering an already competitive audio landscape. On top of new apps entering the market, streaming platforms like Spotify are gunning for radio listeners in a big way. The Swedish powerhouse has already launched its own morning show that is free to listen anytime from 7am on weekdays. It differentiates itself from traditional radio by (1) letting the listener consume the content on their own time, (2) by allowing them to skip stories they aren’t interested in, and (3) by playing music specifically curated to the individual.

Online audio is only going to continue to explode during the course of this year. More people are going to open their own stations, dabble with podcasting and explore new ways of finding niche audiences. Radio has got to do what it can to get ahead of it, or to collaborate with the platforms in a mutually beneficial way.

By having the training, skill and expertise to create better products than the average teenager in their bedroom, the industry does have a leg up in many ways. How it uses that to satisfy the ever changing habits and needs of audiences begs to be seen this year.

Who else is ready to give it their best shot?

Dave Tiltmann is group chief executive officer of African Media Entertainment.

Mon, 24 Jan 2022 / Published in LATEST NEWS, OFM

As OFM, the sound of your life and Central South Africa’s number one commercial radio station has earmarked 2022 as “Twenty-20-You”, January saw the culmination of the first of a series of competitions aimed at improving the lives of listeners.

The #Twenty20You: Invest in your future! the competition hosted in partnership with Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST concluded at this prestigious academy campus in Potchefstroom on Saturday, 22 January 2022, with the awarding of the grand prize – a year’s tuition to study either somatology, cosmetology, hairdressing, interior design or photography, plus R10 000 cash to help the prospective student kick-start their career.

To enter, prospective hair stylists, beauticians, interior designers and photographers had to submit a 30-second video online showcasing their skills and motivating why they deserved to win along with supporting documents.

After reviewing all of the creative entries received, the 18-year-old Marianke Rossouw from Bothaville was awarded the grand prize during Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST’s Open Day.

During the handover OFM presenter, Renaldo Schwarp, read out the winner’s motivation to the crowd and an unsuspecting Marianke, present at the event.

“I am a passionate 18-year-old, who would very much like to broaden my knowledge and one day start my own photography business. I not only want to go into one specific field but consider all my options. With the scholarship offered, I can make my dreams come true and pursue my passion for the rest of my life.”

Speaking on behalf of Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST, Wesley Wallace, Head of the Department of Photography, noted that they were quite impressed by Marianke’s entry and could see from her portfolio that she has a keen eye.

OFM Content Manager Elzette Boucher Krüger explains that this competition aimed to give budding entrepreneurs the credentials to set them on a path to establish their own business: “After OFM celebrated 35 years of broadcasting in 2021, where the focus was on the radio station, we decided that in 2022 the focus should shift squarely to our listeners. There are so many talented and skilled young people, who just need that little bit of assistance and guidance to become a qualified professional. It was amazing to see how creative and talented Central SA’s budding young entrepreneurs are. What a privilege it was getting to know them better on air during the competition, as well. Well done, Marianke. You’re a worthy winner!”

Anine Wallace, CEO of Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST, says: “Not only are we privileged to celebrate our 40th year of quality education but also excited to collaborate with OFM on this special journey to grant one lucky listener the opportunity to take the first step towards their creative and entrepreneurial future.”

Potchefstroom Academy, a higher education provider, was established in 1981 by the founder, Tina Scholtz. The Academy has since grown into one of the leading private tertiary institutions of its kind. Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST are situated in Potchefstroom, a vibrant student-town. The safe, student-friendly environment ensures that students remain engaged in learning while providing them with the opportunity to become involved in sports and social events, as well as meet interesting people and share experiences that will last a lifetime.

For more information about Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST, visit potchacademy.co.za.