Webinar: Did digital kill the radio star?

The Digital Audio Phenomenon

The audio media ecosystem continues to evolve at a faster pace than anticipated.  The shift from consuming audio on traditional platforms to streaming platforms seem to be the driving force in accelerating the evolution of the audio landscape.

Some of the findings by The Infinite Dial report measuring online digital audio listening revealed that 44% of South Africans streamed their favourite radio station.  The latest share-of-ear report from Edison Research in the US, revealed a time spent listening on a mobile device of 30% for those aged 13 years and older.

AMASAJoburg has put together a seasoned panel of experts in the field of audio media to unpack the latest trends in this industry.  


  • CHRIS BORIAN  (Head of Digital & GM – United Stations)
  • MUHAMMAD CAJEE (Chief Digital Officer- Primedia Broadcasting)
  • JON SAVAGE (CEO – Inbroadcast)
  • MACG – SA’s Podcaster (Podcast and Chill)

7 Key takeaways from the discussion:

  1. Measurement

2. Regulations around content

3. Are agencies geared for this?

4. What content is working

5. Does one size fit all

6.1 Has digital killed the radio star?

6.2 Has digital killed the radio star?

7. Advertising, Brands & Podcasts

To find out about our advertising opportunities in the Digital Audio space, contact Chris Borain at United Stations at chris@unitedstations.co.za