The most potent way to influence Cape Town’s most valuable prospects

On 1 June 2022 we welcome SMILE 90.4 FM into our United Stations family, and we can’t wait. SMILE with its multi-dimensional ecosystem and its connections into the community, places us in a position to deliver exceptional value to advertisers.

There’s a vibrant and dynamic spirit at SMILE and it literally surrounds the station with a magnetic pull. Listeners love for the station is sincere and profound. The music, the presenter delivery, the topics that presenters pick, the way guests are interviewed, is focused on making the station feel like a very optimistic, warm and welcoming place.

The line-up is intentionally light hearted, fun, positive and hilarious and the chemistry and friendship between the team can be clearly felt. Their no nonsense, quick wit and unrivalled knowledge of what is going down in Cape Town, means that it takes a special effort to be bored in this special city.

We’re looking forward to bringing you relevant and meaningful opportunities that are sure to make you SMILE from ear to ear.

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