The Covid-19 Chronicles

Spectrum will keep you updated with the latest news COVID19 with the COVID  CHRONICLES.

A short daily news show focused on the human aspects of the crisis. 

Online and social media distribution to make sure audiences are reached at home. Gathering material which can later be repurposed when we start trying to make sense of the crisis and how we move forward.

This show will be INFORMATIVE and INSPIRATIONAL. Here we will tell the stories that make human connections and show how our shared humanity takes the foreground as we grapple together.

About Spectrum: It is a video-streaming platform that is free to users. Spectrum works on entry-level smartphones as well as smart phones, Responsive & Dynamic.

It’s A brand-safe environment for your brand with well-researched and fact-checked content. Spectrum uses 6 times less data than our competitors for comparable quality streaming (1.2Mbs) with no buffering. 

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