Samantha Lehoko leaps onto Mix 93.8FM’s frequency from the beginning of August

Johannesburg: Mix93.8FM will bring seasoned broadcaster Samantha Lehoko to its lineup next month. Samantha steps into weekday mid-mornings from August with a brand new show The Morning Wave. 

Lehoko’s show replaces Lundi Khoisan’s popular Morning Shot, hosted by Lundi Khoisan, between 9 and 11 am from 1 August. Khoisan leaves the station at the end of July to pursue personal career growth opportunities.

Sanele Mlotana, programme manager of Mix93.8FM said: “While it’s with heartsore that we bid Lundi farewell, it is with equal excitement that Samantha joins the weekday lineup. Daytime radio is a companion to listeners in the workplace and today, in a hybrid or work-from-home environment, even more so. We have seen music and magazine-based shows like the Morning Shot soar in popularity.”

Mlotana does not doubt that Lehoko’s new show will build on a strong foundation. She said: “Samantha’s experience as a life coach and enquiring demeanour promises to deliver daily content that entertains, informs and shares. It’s radio, at its very best as a companion, best friend and confidant.”

Said Lehoko: “Joining one of the country’s fastest growing stations is really exciting. But the enticing part is getting to know the listeners, and building relationships with them. Radio is personal, and what I absolutely love about Mix’s format is the creative freedom that the station gives its presenters. It’s a big part of the success and the legend that the station has become. I plan to build useful, enjoyable and snackable content that delivers daily-life value, hacks and good music. Everything listeners would expect from Mix.”

About Samantha Lehoko

Eastern Cape born Samantha Lehoko found her passion for entertainment and the performing arts at 13.

She honed her radio skills on UCT’s campus radio, hosting a myriad of shows and keeping audiences glued to their speakers. From taking Dramatic Arts as an 8th subject in high school to, in tertiary, studying Ethics, Anthropology, Language and Communication, to English and Sociology, Sam has managed to use her knowledge and experiences, and channel them towards the media and broadcasting industry.

YFM caught hold of Samantha in 2014 and found exactly what they were looking for; someone young, fresh, fun, but most importantly, someone DIFFERENT. This diverse and multi-talented young woman, who fearlessly conquered and become a favourite in the different media platforms ranging from radio, television, event emceeing and public speaking, indicates that this young and dynamic young beauty is more than just a sensational ‘IT’ girl.

With exceptional articulation, Samantha is a great MC and presenter. She is now also a Certified Life Coach and is very involved in service and the community, holding a Directorship position in the NPO, Rise Against Domestic Violence.

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