Radio and Digital are crushing it

Combining radio with digital is proving to be a sure-fire way to increase ROI. We live in a fast-paced world, focused on recovering from a devastating pandemic. Brands have to fight for our attention and reaching a specific target audience is becoming a greater challenge. In this environment, radio and digital is proving to be a two-punch strategy that can save the day, and advertisers who combine these two channels are seeing incredible results.


The very disruption in the radio industry that led many to declare the imminent demise of the medium, has actually strengthened it and led to an astonishing resurgence. Today, radio is driving the development of multiple new opportunities such as streaming, online radio, podcasting and new audio content sharing platforms that are fast changing the advertising landscape. All the while, traditional radio is alive and well, and still a super effective way to reach a target audience.

Digital advertising has proven itself to be relevant and ubiquitous, allowing for genuine B2C and B2B connections. Using social media to get found and to become liked is incredibly valuable and just like radio, without a digital strategy, brands will struggle to succeed.

Combining two powerful channels

When you decide to combine radio with digital, you get the power of radio’s ability to engage and drive search, along with the powerful increase in presence provided by your digital strategy. The result is a much improved two-way communication with your target market, to drive a much higher ROI. Combining radio and digital allows for your message to be reinforced across multiple platforms, strengthening both the message and creating a more cohesive strategy. When a potential client knows your name, can sing your jingle and sees you near the top of the search results, that is extremely powerful.

Most stations already have a highly developed digital ecosystem and will develop a supporting digital strategy around most traditional radio campaigns. This will include carefully placing visual ads in places where the advertisers’ target audience will visit. Thanks to the nature of radio, radio station websites and social media enjoy high traffic. This is the way listeners enter contests and engage with the radio station and their favourite personalities, so it is the ideal place to execute digital strategy and improve the target market’s connection with a brand.

Beyond the enormous reach of station websites, radio stations are also equipped to place all forms of relevant digital advertising, outside of their owned properties. These digital elements should mirror on-air radio advertising to create consistency and maximize potential ROI.

With the many challenges of getting the economy and business back on a growth path, it only makes sense that we take advantage of every avenue that we have. Getting discovered can be tough, and standing out and being remembered can be even harder. Radio and digital are the vibrant double act that takes care of those universal marketing pains.

Written by Rivak Bunce, Managing Director of United Stations.

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