The term “Private Marketplace” has become one of the most widely-used buzzwords in digital advertising. A Private Marketplace, also known as a PMP is an invite-only marketplace where high caliber publishers offer their ad inventory to a selected group of advertisers.
OneRepublic uses Data Technology to re-package unsold inventory to more valuable audiences. OneRepublic allows advertisers to get a first-look and acquire premium inventory, which may not be available in an open exchange. However, this inventory comes at a premium cost, so advertisers must determine whether high-quality media placements are worth the investment. On the other hand, advertisers get increased transparency into media placement. Hence, advertisers have a very clear idea of what kind of inventory they are buying and at what price. 
Efficiency is another benefit of OneRepublic PMP. Advertisers can quickly and effectively publish ads on premium inventory on specific segmented verticals. This model does not conflict with premium and/or backfill but provides a more lucrative second look proposition. For publishers, this secures them more revenue for unsold inventory. OneRepublic programmatically puts brands and agencies in front of their desired audiences in a premium, safe, transparent and viewable environment