About Moneyweb -  Moneyweb is a financial media group and a wholly-owned subsidiary of AME. We focus on producing independent, high-quality investment information on various platforms, including the internet, radio, print, newsletters and through our various event activations.

Digital - The company’s flagship internet brand is, one of South Africa’s premier online sources of business, finance, and investment news and information. The site generates

• 1 696 285 unique visitors a month

• 8 145 531 page views/ impressions per month.

The average visit duration is 5:25 and MoneywebNOW has 48 000 registered users.

The Moneyweb community - Moneyweb has a very loyal community on all the platforms we serve. This community comprises mainly high-net-worth individuals or those who aspire to be, who use information on Moneyweb to increase their wealth and/or to keep current with economic, company and industry news. They rely on it for education, recommendations and updated information on investments, including the share market and unit trusts.

How we do it - Moneyweb employs a core team of professional financial journalists and also sources content from a range of local and international high-profile freelance columnists. These journalists ensure that our editorial is unique. We also publish ad hoc opinion pieces from our community experts, to provide diverse views and to stimulate debate. Moneyweb provides significant investment data about listed companies and a myriad of unit trusts. Many investment professionals prefer our live SENS feed because we have managed to make it accessible.

Advertising - A specialist in content marketing, video, and events, Moneyweb offers the advertiser many options to engage with its high-net-worth audience of business decision-makers and investors, among others. Contact Tracy Parsons for any advertising opportunities.


Tracy Parsons

Moneyweb Brand Manager

MONEYWEB Social Media