Mac G, who recently bagged Podcaster of the Year at the VN Global Media and Entertainment Awards, is the voice behind Podcast and Chill with Mac G. He has over the course of more than 200 podcasts, interviewed some of the most influential guests in SA and his star power is attracting more than one million downloads to his individual podcasts. 

With over 300,000 subscribers, Mac G is firmly established as SA’s No 1 podcaster and the partnership with United Stations is designed to accelerate his expansion and leverage the power of his growing audience base.

Mac G said: “We are thrilled to partner with United Stations, their team brings tremendous knowledge of the marketplace and they have a stellar track record in delivering creative solutions for marketers and brands to connect with audiences”.

Head of Digital for United Stations, Chris Borain said: “We are equally delighted, honoured and inspired by the opportunity to represent such an iconic creative powerhouse as Mac G. His ability to captivate audiences, tap into current events and entertainment news and bring the journeys of Blue Chip Brands and Business Personalities to life, is gold for advertisers. South Africans have an insatiable appetite for great storytelling and are becoming more and more obsessed with podcasts. The opportunity to work with Mac G in creating powerful value for brands across the country is a dream come true.”

For further information or to advertise, contact Chris Borain on 078 165 5855 or

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in_Podcast is an online conference offering an inside view into podcasting trends and production, the rise of branded digital radio and how to use both to unlock new audiences in South Africa and Africa.   

The 2-hour Livestream will include talks from industry experts as well as deep dives real-world campaigns that offer insight into the medium, production challenges, lessons in building communities and how to tune in to what the audience really cares about. 

If you work in marketing, run a brand, want to find more meaningful and affordable ways to connect with audiences, or want to get the jump on the next trend in media and production, this conference is going to offer you a lot of value.

The in_Podcast conference will take place online on the 25th of November at 2pm.  

Get Tickets here.

Featured Speakers

·     Simmi Areff from Lesser Known Somebodies

·     Gareth Cliff from Cliff Central

·     MacG from Podcast and Chill with MacG

·     Chris Borain from United Stations

·     Jon Savage from in_Broadcasting

The In_Podcast Conference is held In partnership with Biz-Community

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The audio media ecosystem continues to evolve at a faster pace than anticipated.  The shift from consuming audio on traditional platforms to streaming platforms seem to be the driving force in accelerating the evolution of the audio landscape.

Some of the findings by The Infinite Dial report measuring online digital audio listening revealed that 44% of South Africansstreamed their favourite radio station.  The latest share-of-ear report from Edison Research in the US, revealed a time spent listening on a mobile device of 30% for those aged 13 years and older.

AMASA Joburg has put together a seasoned panel of experts in the field of audio media to unpack the latest trends in this industry.  


  • CHRIS BORIAN  (Head of Digital & GM – United Stations)
  • MUHAMMAD CAJEE (Chief Digital Officer- Primedia Broadcast)
  • JON SAVAGE (CEO – Inbroadcast)
  • MACG – SA’s Podcaster (Podcast and Chill)


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Written by Chris Borain ( Head of Digital: United Stations)

AUDIO STREAM – the live stream of radio station programming via the station’s website, or other streaming platforms

In 2019, The Infinite Dial report measured online digital audio listening and found that 44% of South Africans listened to radio on a non-radio device*.

In other words, 44% of South Africans streamed their favourite radio station at home as opposed to listening on a traditional terrestrial radio. With the high (88%) smart phone penetration in South Africa, it’s no wonder the mobile phone is the device of choice when it comes to audio streaming. The digital audio audience is also diverse, with a 50/50 gender split and 71% under the age of 54.

Significant is that this research was done before the world turned upside down with the Covid19 pandemic.

2020 proved to be a watershed year for audio streaming in South Africa, with no signs that the trend is slowing down in 2021. United Stations saw its available streaming audience grow by 100% to 1million streams per month across its network of radio stations and websites since the start of the pandemic.

In line with the growth seen in local digital audio, United Stations bolstered its offering by concluding an agreement to be the exclusive local commercial partner for Wondery – the world’s largest independent podcast producer. Wondery’s expertise in maximizing ROI and innovation in digital audio along with the breadth of their South African audience, added another dimension to the US network.

In traditional radio, marketers can only roll out blanket campaigns – with limited ability to target specific demographics. With online streaming however, marketers can now measure and target ads in the audio domain. Combined with a DMP (Data Management Platform), proprietary first party data is used to build a targeted digital audio campaign. To be blunt, for the first time a traditional 30 second radio spot can now be used to target the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

The obvious benefits advertisers get with the inclusion of digital audio ads in their strategies are stunning engagement and listen-through rates.

Because linear digital audio ads are not easily skippable – digital audio is not subject to the “five second skip” phase of digital video ads –  the brand enjoys the full attention of the audience. Nielsen Media Lab claims audio ads have a 24% higher recall rate than traditional display ads.

In spite of the pandemic, digital advertising grew by 18% in 2020, as opposed to a 27% reduction in the total advertising market. (IAB-SA Internet Advertising Report 2020)

Now is the ideal time to use your brands digital budget to bolster the performance of your traditional radio campaign with a targeted digital campaign.

The best opportunities in targeted digital audio.

United Stations mix of local podcasts, live audio streams and our catch-up radio offering, are now boosted with podcasts from Wondery, the world’s largest independent podcast producer

Our comprehensive network delivers cost-effective, targeted solutions to increase the ROI of any radio advertising campaign.

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Podcasting is the perfect opportunity to share your brand’s story with the world! Watch our Podcasting Masterclass, hosted by the well-known Simon Brown, Managing Director of JustOneLap and Host on the MoneywebNow podcast as well as Chris Borain, Head of Digital at United Stations.

Simon and Chris provided insight on the world of Podcasting and shared key points, including:

  • Trends driving the South African podcast market.
  • What makes a great branded podcast?
  • What makes a great podcast ad?
  • Boosting your media strategy with podcasting.
  • Measuring podcasting ROI.
  • The future of pod (ad) tech.

For more information on podcasting and advertising opportunities, contact your United Stations Account Executive or Chris Borain (Head of Digital) at

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By Dave Tiltmann

Just like radio, podcasting is an intimate medium that has the power to create connection and change lives. Although it has been almost two decades since the first podcast hit the airwaves, podcasting has only really begun to hit its stride in recent years.

Thanks to the power of technology and the rapid spread of internet access around the world, thought leaders are now using podcasts to reach audiences in the millions. Brands are also finding innovative ways to tell unique stories to very specific markets.

Developing nations like South Africa are starting to see the potential of the medium in the long term, not only as a form of entertainment and education, but also in its ability to give a voice to communities that might have been underrepresented before. This shows the true wonder of podcasting, which has the potential to flourish on the African continent in the coming decades.

The upsurge in podcasting worldwide

As the internet has become more accessible around the world, this has created an opportunity for people to engage with podcasts on a more frequent basis in their daily lives. Although data costs are still quite high in Africa, the rise of free wi-fi and introduction of high-speed fibre has meant that more people than ever are now able to download content without having to foot a massive bill. Events like Africa PodFest in Kenya, or PodFest Cairo in Egypt, show that while it may be slow and steady, there is a definite shift in the way podcasting is starting to be viewed as an opportunity on the African continent.

In developed economies across Europe, in the US, and even Australia, podcasting is already hitting its stride. These places already have good internet infrastructure in place, and the pandemic actually spurred on record podcast listenership numbers in 2020. The 2021 edition of theInfinite Dial study suggests that podcasting really found its voice during lockdown amidst people feeling more isolated, with the U.S seeing around 13 million new people becoming habitual podcast listeners during this time.

Taking storytelling to new heights

Numbers aside, one of the biggest drawcards of podcasting is its timelessness, and its ability to create communities through the art of storytelling. Powerful movements like #MeToo and Black Lives Matter have shown that there has never been a better time to have open and honest conversations about tough issues in a way that honours the vulnerability it takes to do so.

There has never been a better time for multicultural African stories to be told too. Podcasting gives us as Africans the power to have a say in how we are represented to the wider world, rather than continuing to have the story told by an outside narrative, which is often riddled with outdated stereotypes.

Any given podcast episode is an individual asset that has the ability to turn into a regional asset, which can encourage a greater sense of trust and belonging in the community it services. This asset can even lead to the rise of regional champions (or voices) in the area, in particular those who have a real sense of what’s happening on the ground.

When these communities grow stronger in numbers, commercial opportunities will start to present themselves. This has the potential to empower not only the podcast creator, but the community as a whole. Considering there are thousands of different cultures and languages on the African continent, the opportunities for innovation and empowerment are truly endless.

The relationship between radio and podcasting

We can’t talk about podcasting as a force in the broadcasting field without mentioning its older and more established sibling, radio. There is a strong link between the two. Both typically build audiences through a mix of education, information and entertainment. Radio and podcasting are both intimate mediums, where a show host is literally welcomed into the homes and lives of people. Both also have commercial opportunities that mirror each other, which is great news for the broadcasting industry as a whole.

Just like with real life siblings, there may be genetic similarities, but you’re dealing with two different entities. Radio is a more linear medium, whereas podcasting is always on demand. This means that radio is consumed “live” as it happens if the person is tuned into the station, but with podcasting the listener gets to listen to shows whenever it is convenient for them.

Podcasts episodes are also easy to share across social media with loved ones, whereas radio has more of a dependence on physical word of mouth (and a natural sense of FOMO). Regardless of the how being different, both still offer something desperately needed in a post-coronavirus world: human connection.

Pioneering podcasting in South Africa

In a bid to nurture this idea of human connection, I’m proud to mention that the African Media Entertainment (AME) team recently signed a groundbreaking partnership with Wondery, the biggest independent podcast producer in the world. In a nutshell, AME now has the rights to promote Wondery podcasts through its subsidiaries, in a bid to help get to help reach a projected number of nearly 20 million podcast listeners in South Africa by 2024.

Because African Media Entertainment has a rich history in audio creation, and has spent years perfecting the art of serving audiences on a reachable, tangible level, we’ve happy to set the bar high when it comes to this. AME owns some of the biggest radio stations in the country, as well as high achieving digital, publishing and marketing services, including MediaHeads 360, Moneyweb and more. By promoting Wondery’s content through these channels, podcasting is exposed to new audiences, and the channels themselves also gain access to some of the best content that the world has to offer.

Leveraging new opportunities in the podcasting arena

By exposing audiences to amazing content through a formal relationship with Wondery, we’re also setting a precedent for AME’s individual platforms to branch out, creating and growing their own podcasting channels within this exciting new digital broadcasting environment. Better yet, the content will be locally nuanced, telling the African stories that may have gone untold otherwise.

The audience is the major winner here, for gaining access to high quality content through traditional channels they know and love, while simultaneously being exposed to high quality local content that helps them feel more represented in the world as well.

This creates a great opportunity for advertisers to get involved, be it through strategic adverts in podcasts episodes, show sponsorships, cross-platform campaigns, or something else. Brands will be able to promote themselves in an entirely new arena, to audiences that they might not have been able to reach before. It also gives radio stations an opportunity to integrate a podcasting strategy into their marketing and sales departments, which may even lead to unexplored avenues for additional revenue in the long run.

If the wonder of podcasting has you as excited as I am, welcome to the club. From podcasts still in their infancy, all the way through to powerhouse shows like Business Wars, there is plenty of opportunity for content creators, storytellers, listeners and advertisers to connect in mutually beneficial ways.

For sales queries contact: Chris Borain