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As OFM, the sound of your life and Central South Africa’s number one commercial radio station has earmarked 2022 as “Twenty-20-You”, January saw the culmination of the first of a series of competitions aimed at improving the lives of listeners.

The #Twenty20You: Invest in your future! the competition hosted in partnership with Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST concluded at this prestigious academy campus in Potchefstroom on Saturday, 22 January 2022, with the awarding of the grand prize – a year’s tuition to study either somatology, cosmetology, hairdressing, interior design or photography, plus R10 000 cash to help the prospective student kick-start their career.

To enter, prospective hair stylists, beauticians, interior designers and photographers had to submit a 30-second video online showcasing their skills and motivating why they deserved to win along with supporting documents.

After reviewing all of the creative entries received, the 18-year-old Marianke Rossouw from Bothaville was awarded the grand prize during Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST’s Open Day.

During the handover OFM presenter, Renaldo Schwarp, read out the winner’s motivation to the crowd and an unsuspecting Marianke, present at the event.

“I am a passionate 18-year-old, who would very much like to broaden my knowledge and one day start my own photography business. I not only want to go into one specific field but consider all my options. With the scholarship offered, I can make my dreams come true and pursue my passion for the rest of my life.”

Speaking on behalf of Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST, Wesley Wallace, Head of the Department of Photography, noted that they were quite impressed by Marianke’s entry and could see from her portfolio that she has a keen eye.

OFM Content Manager Elzette Boucher Krüger explains that this competition aimed to give budding entrepreneurs the credentials to set them on a path to establish their own business: “After OFM celebrated 35 years of broadcasting in 2021, where the focus was on the radio station, we decided that in 2022 the focus should shift squarely to our listeners. There are so many talented and skilled young people, who just need that little bit of assistance and guidance to become a qualified professional. It was amazing to see how creative and talented Central SA’s budding young entrepreneurs are. What a privilege it was getting to know them better on air during the competition, as well. Well done, Marianke. You’re a worthy winner!”

Anine Wallace, CEO of Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST, says: “Not only are we privileged to celebrate our 40th year of quality education but also excited to collaborate with OFM on this special journey to grant one lucky listener the opportunity to take the first step towards their creative and entrepreneurial future.”

Potchefstroom Academy, a higher education provider, was established in 1981 by the founder, Tina Scholtz. The Academy has since grown into one of the leading private tertiary institutions of its kind. Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST are situated in Potchefstroom, a vibrant student-town. The safe, student-friendly environment ensures that students remain engaged in learning while providing them with the opportunity to become involved in sports and social events, as well as meet interesting people and share experiences that will last a lifetime.

For more information about Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST, visit

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From your car to the office, to the comfort of your home, OFM is the station of choice in Bloemfontein.
Winning the Best of Bloemfontein in the Bloemfontein Courant Reader’s Choice Awards 2021 for Best
Local Radio Station, Best Local Radio Show and Best Local Radio Personality, OFM has shown once
again that it has captured the hearts and minds of the city and its people.

“It is a privilege and honour knowing that OFM’s listening audience value what we do so much so that they
vote us the best. We do what we do for everyone that listens. The award is proof that OFM is indeed the
sound of your life,” says OFM’s Programme Manager, Tim Thabethe.

The Good Morning Breakfast, weekdays from 06:00 to 09:00, walked away with the Best Local Radio Show
award. The show features host Shandor Potgieter, who won the Best Local Radio Personality award, along
with Margaret Whitfield, keeping listeners up to date on traffic news and weather, and SuperSport presenter
Sam Ludidi covering sports news.

Bloemfontein Courant launched the Best of Bloemfontein competition in 2013. Readers can vote in more
than 70 categories, which cover a range of industries. All the winners can be viewed

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You’ve been told you have a flair for creativity. You jump at the chance to style your friends’ hair for special occasions, creatively construct photos of everything that catches your eye, or envisage and redesign your living space whenever your creative flair arises… Does any of this sound familiar to you and are you planning on studying next year? Then 2022 might just be your year!

Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST, in partnership with OFM, is giving one creative young person the opportunity to kick start their studies in 2022. Up for grabs is a year’s tuition for any one of these five full-time courses offered at Potchefstroom Academy and SAASHT: somatology, cosmetology, hairdressing, interior design or photography.

Prospective hair stylists, beauticians, interior designers and photographers now have the opportunity to acquire not only the skills to ply their trade, but also to open their own business. Find out how you can enter to be considered for the bursary by visiting

OFM Content Manager Elzette Boucher Krüger explains that this competition aims to give budding entrepreneurs the credentials to set them on a path to establish their own business: “There are so many talented and skilled young people, who just need that little bit of assistance and guidance to become a qualified professional. Also, after OFM celebrated 35 years of broadcasting in 2021, where the focus was on the radio station, we decided that in 2022 the focus should shift squarely to our listeners. Next year is going to be all about them and what we can do to make things better; aside from providing information, entertainment and smiles to their day.”

Anine Wallace, CEO of Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST, says: “Not only are we privileged to celebrate our 40th year of quality education but also excited to collaborate with OFM on this special journey to grant one lucky listener the opportunity to take the first step towards their creative and entrepreneurial future.”

Potchefstroom Academy, a higher education provider, was established in 1981 by the founder, Tina Scholtz. The Academy has since grown into one of the leading private tertiary institutions of its kind. Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST are situated in Potchefstroom, a vibrant student-town. The safe, student-friendly environment ensures that students remain engaged in learning, while providing them with the opportunity to become involved in sports and social events, as well as meeting interesting people and sharing experiences which will last a lifetime.

For more information about Potchefstroom Academy and SAAHST, visit

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 If there is one thing I learnt from the pandemic it is that we as radio gurus are much more innovative and creative than we thought. During the last couple of months, I have experienced so much creativity within our company that it makes me excited about what more we can offer our advertisers. 

OFM has learnt that if you want to be the preferred advertising platform, you need to have the best advertising solutions, concepts and ideas. 

The question we should ask is: “Is the normal 30 second commercial still enough?” 

Advertisers want more. They want better ideas, more creative concepts and more exclusivity. 

How do we provide that to our advertisers? How do we get them to be excited again about their own brands and campaigns? 

The pandemic has forced us to create campaigns on air to drive better results. Advertisers were scared to advertise and to spend money during the pandemic. As a commercial radio station you depend on your advertisers to drive revenue. We had to think outside the box and come up with ideas that would sell and also deliver great results. 

Non-traditional revenue (NTR) product offerings were by far our best solution. The OFM brand is a trusted brand amongst our listeners and people from Central South Africa still love to interact with our brand. 

The first NTR concept that was created was OFM’s 35th birthday kick-starter campaign: Spot the Yellow Fleet. OFM sent their entire yellow fleet into our footprint and encouraged listeners to take selfies when they spotted the cars. This campaign had a competition element. This went hand-in-hand with a sales solution to local businesses, with a special outside broadcast offering. While encouraging listeners to spot the fleet, we also parked the fleet at the outside broadcasts – which guaranteed an easy way to spot the vehicles and gave the listeners a better opportunity to stand a chance to win. The result was phenomenal. It was a great way to get our listeners involved via radio advertising and on-the-ground activities. Our advertisers were very satisfied with the number of feet through their doors and the exposure they received was well executed. 

Another innovative idea was to combine a classic concept of “braai day” with an on-the-ground activation and giveaway. Everybody wants to braai, and everybody wants to win! During September, OFM celebrated Heritage Month with a braai day campaign every Friday. As part of our 35th birthday celebrations, we decided to invest in a few special and limited edition braai sets – branded with our 35th birthday logo – to give away to listeners. The braai set was a complete braai kit. It included a kettle braai with cover, stainless steel braai set, apron, OFM’s Real Good Recipe book, LED braai light, casserole, wooden steak board, camp chair, cooler box and knife set – all worth R10 000! It was the ultimate gift for all braai lovers and OFM fans. Each Friday we had outside broadcasts at two venues – one from 09:00 to 12:00 and one from 12:00 to 15:00. Our team was extremely busy and the technical element to make this happen had to be of top standard. In total, we did eight outside broadcasts and gave away eight braai sets to listeners who supported the business that hosted the outside broadcast. All they had to do was to spend R350 at the business to be entered into the draw. This campaign was not only a great way to build brand love, but also increased sales at the participating businesses. It was the perfect retail campaign. 

OFM plans many more of these type of combined campaigns. We have learnt that on-air advertising, on-the-ground activations and competitions go hand-in-hand. Creativity is limitless! Radio advertising is not just a 30 second commercial anymore. Listeners love to engage with the brand. And, when a radio station can manage to combine these elements successfully through innovation and creative ideas, you have a winning recipe! 

Think out of the box. Use old concepts and give them a new twist. Your audience is waiting to be entertained and to get involved! 

We’re ready for sunny days filled with hitting fours and sixes and wickets falling! This is thanks to OFM, the sound of your summer, becoming the official media partner and sponsor of the North West Dragons men’s cricket team for the 2021/2022 season.

The Dragons are currently preparing for their first debut tournament in the new CSA Division 1. In 2022, the Dragons will compete in the Mzansi Super League as well as numerous one day matches.

As media partner, OFM will cover the Dragons’ 2021/2022 season with team news, results, information on upcoming matches and interviews with team players.

Says Nick Efstathiou, the CEO of Central Media Group: “Dragons cricket has a rich history of success in generating many excellent players. We are excited to be part of this history for years to come. Cricket is loved in Potchefstroom, and we can not wait to watch the loved Dragons from the grass embankments of South Africa’s favourite stadium.”

According to North West Cricket CEO, HP Prinsloo: “With first class cricket being back in the province, we are extremely excited to rally behind the team. Playing in Cricket South Africa’s new top tier domestic competitions will bring back the pride of sport supporters all around the province. For the first time in a very long time, we have a team we can call our own and players who come through our ranks will now have an option to stay home and play for the home team.”

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The President has spoken – we’re at Level 1! And, October is definitely the most beautiful month in Bloemfontein… what more could you ask for? So pull on your takkies and pull into the Bloem Showgrounds for the Sunshine Walk on 17 October!

Bloem Show, along with OFM and Bloemfontein Courant, wants to get you and your family active again. This free fun family walk is only 2.5 kilometres long (perfect for the little ones) and there will be a competition, food and refreshment stalls, and music points. Plus, Central South Africa’s favourite presenters, the OFM team, will be there right alongside you getting active in the fresh Free State air.

The starting time is between 07:00 and 09:00 at the Banquet Hall. Parking is available at the Fun Fair grounds. Donations of non-perishable food will be collected for Food4kidz in lieu of an entrance fee. Strict Covid-19 regulations will apply.

Elmarie Prinsloo, Bloem Show CEO, says they initiated the walk because of “the negativity during Covid and the urge everyone has to get back to normality. This made us realise that it is time to get people together – within the safety of Covid regulations. It will make people feel better about themselves and result in a more positive attitude. The name is based on the popular song ‘Walking on sunshine’.”

According to Lindiwe Mtwentula, OFM Marketing Manager: “The purpose of the fun walk is to get the community of Bloemfontein outside, active and socialising again. Since the pandemic began, people have been unable to go out and take part in such events. So why not do it for a worthy cause? We urge the community to bring non-perishable food and help us to make a difference in the lives of the children that Food4kidz supports”.

Corni Fourie, Mahareng’s Business Manager (which owns Courant), says, “It is Courant’s aim to positively influence our community by informing and educating them about local news and events, such as the Sunshine Walk.”

Food4kidz says they are overjoyed to be part of the Sunshine Walk as it will promote the work they are doing. “This will also be a great opportunity to receive donations and it will assist us in the last term of 2022”

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Movie buffs are sure to remember “If you build it, they will come” from Kevin Costner’s 1989 Field of Dreams, or the later reference in the iconic 1993 Wayne’s World 2, “If you book them, they will come”.

However, many would agree that these so-called “spray-and-pray” tactics are best left confined to the world of fantasy.

“Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice” is a common phrase used by the medical fraternity, but it has also, over the years, come to apply to business and marketing. If the fundamentals of marketing have not changed – find out what people want, give it to them, and tell them you’ve given it to them – then how come there is still so much ‘clutter’ when it comes to generating content and marketing it?

Media and marketing constantly deliver new buzzwords. For instance, one thinks of terms such as ‘big data’, ‘sentiment analysis’, ‘SEO’, and then words like ‘conversions’, ‘engagement’, ‘organic’ and even ‘content’ that have taken on new meanings in an ever-evolving media marketing landscape.

What exactly is content? From the late 2000s, the word seems to have taken on a slightly new meaning with the concept mostly used in the context of media and by the late 2010s, having something to do with influencers on social media.

A quick search pulls up the Wikipedia definition, referenced as used in “publishing, art, and communication” where “content is the information and experiences that are directed toward an end-user or audience; something expressed through some medium”.

Content marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute, could therefore be understood as a “strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”. So, instead of pitching products or services, advertisers provide relevant and useful content to prospects and customers to help them solve problems or enrich their lives.

Radio is a brilliant marketing choice as it not only provides broadcast advertising and all its benefits but also digital advertising with its targeting abilities, experiential marketing, influence or endorsement capabilities, and it can through the use of technology harness valuable real-time consumer insights.

An hour on radio, especially in a commercial music-driven format, still affords audiences an unrivalled entertainment experience – music curated to their taste, relevant lifestyle information bursts (yes, not just any news, traffic, weather updates are flighted, it has to be of value to the core audience or target market), and engaging features, which often include chances to win or to reach out and connect with other listeners and followers.

This highly engaged audience is primed to receive brand messages to remain top of mind and to respond to call-to-action advertising.

Promotions have worked so well on OFM that advertisers have had to pull campaigns because they ran out of stock much earlier than anticipated.

However, in a highly competitive market your message may get lost among the other 30-second spots. Moving beyond ad breaks can give a brand more ‘direct’ access to potential customers. And, radio has, in fact, been providing content marketing for decades.

For instance, a law firm can bolster their reputation by providing useful advice on legal matters consumers are unsure of, like what their rights are when it comes to child support or how to go about purchasing a property as a group of owners.

Niche products or services or even products with broad appeal but that need to better reach a certain market segment can also benefit through content marketing. For example, a fast food brand targeting younger consumers could sponsor a trendy celebrity music segment in a programme.

Your marketing (product, promotion, price, place, people, process and physical evidence) and promotion (advertising, publicity, sales promotion, direct marketing and personal selling) mix still applies along with these considerations:

  • Message – what are you saying to whom (does the message ‘fit the market’?)
  • Medium – on which platform are you ‘speaking’ (live broadcast, television programme,
    blog posts, social media)?
  • Method – how is this message being delivered (text, video, audio)?

Furthermore, in order to reach your desired audience with the desired effect, you need to look at how the information you want to convey will be curated, filtering only that which is important to them, and translated into a ‘language’ that they understand, all in order to create meaning that has value for them, as well as the advertiser.

This is what is meant when stated that the primary focus of content marketing is “to nourish the lead” as part of a “long-term process” with the end result being “sales and conversions,” as explained by Semrush. A single piece of content, interview or article does not constitute a campaign and the sales funnel approach still applies. For each part, top, middle, bottom, it is recommended that certain types of content marketing be applied to the awareness, evaluation, and purchase stage.

But be warned, one size does not fit all. Only campaigns that relay universal truths with simple executions can succeed as ‘blanket’ or national campaigns. Trust the various radio brands to know their audiences well enough to understand how messages and executions should be tweaked to leverage them to provide sufficient response to your investment in larger reach.

Even worse than being an order taker is not knowing the menu – selling what doesn’t exist and then being unable to provide return on investment.

At OFM we believe foremost in not only providing, but creating value. Like a personal trainer we work with our clients to ensure the most favourable outcome. It won’t always be easy, there will be ‘robust discussions’, but we will continue to guide and encourage. We never give up. Your dream is our dream.

Why is it important? Radio stations do not operate in corporate vacuums. They are integral parts of communities. They contribute to the economy. They enable their clients to grow. By offering value we not only look after our own business, but we help others to thrive and keep jobs in the market. We care – a heck of a lot.

If it’s just about the bottom line and lining pockets, rather opt for a ‘frigid’ medium that does not provide a direct point of contact between a brand and an existing or potential customer.

Radio has heart and OFM is at the heart of Central South Africa, at the pulse of what our listeners want and what they need. We are constantly researching and changing our offerings to remain the single most important media and marketing partner in the Free State, Northern Cape, North West and southern Gauteng. We extend this heartfelt invitation to all our existing and potential clients to join us in insights-driven marketing to get the most from this burgeoning region.

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 Could there be any truth to the article published by The Economist in May 2021, titled “What history tells you about post-pandemic booms”, which states, “…people spend more, take more risks – and demand more of politicians”? 

The article speaks of a ‘boom’, which throughout history has been seen to manifest in this way following post-traumatic events. While uncertainty remains in South Africa, it is tricky preparing for a post Covid-19 future. OFM’s approach to this anticipated economic ‘boom’ of sorts is endorsed through its continued “Living the Real Good Life” brand positioning. 

Living the Real Good Life talks to escaping the pressures of everyday life by focusing on what matters most to OFM’s audience in Central South Africa… a place where the freedom to enjoy a more balanced life is not only possible, but is lived through music, engagement, lifestyle, and a strong sense of community. 

In 2021, this positioning was driven through OFM’s 35th birthday year, which the brand leveraged to generate good, wholesome radio experiences while creating steadfast product offerings that supported local business. 

Since March, the brand committed to providing positive yet disruptive on-air experiences through its birthday lead campaigns, which were created to address two objectives: 

• building brand love and audience; and 

• creating revenue. 

March’s Spot the Yellow Fleet campaign not only reinforced the new look and feel of the OFM brand but encouraged audiences to engage by taking pictures with the newly branded OFM fleet. These vehicles were placed around the region at outside broadcasts, lifestyle events, and activations to stimulate local economies and build brand love. 

80s April was a daily on-air celebration of music, which performed alongside a product offering generated from the excitement on-air. It was a theme that was heard on radio and taken to market through OFM’s Pop-Up Radio offering. 

May’s Agri Focus Week, which spoke to one in three of the 26 000 farmers living in the OFM footprint, offered a focused and dedicated platform for all who are proudly represented inside the agri value chain. 

In June, OFM’s Groot Vet Kombers Proe-jek inspired audiences across the region to raise R450 000 for Round Table Southern Africa’s Winter Knights Campaign. OFM took to the region with live broadcasts, twice a week, to challenge listeners to support a wide range of charities by purchasing a vetkoek for at least R35. The highest price paid for a vetkoek for charity was R10 000. This, and the many contributions from OFM’s audience, showcased the caring and real values contained within the Living the Real Good Life brand positioning. 

However, the moment of truth presented itself in July when OFM celebrated its official 35th birthday through a brand-building exercise called the OFM Secret Song. This was a month-long campaign that celebrated music, engaged audiences through curiosity, and uplifted a community with a grand prize of R35 000. 

These strategically placed exercises and considered touchpoints are used to build the OFM audience and provide real and engaging solutions to stakeholders; this, at a time when they need local support and investment the most. 

In this shared spirit of Central South Africa, OFM rallies its audience to lead a really good life, made up of many and often smaller moments of pure fun, real connection, contribution to others, and moments of meaning. 

OFM exists to connect and amplify Central South African’s desire to live their best quality of life in every moment, wherever they are. The brand is real, uplifting, proud and caring to all who listen to, and invest in, OFM. This is how OFM has built the trust to become the Sound of Central South Africa over the past 35 years. 

Tim Thabethe 

OFM Programme Manager 

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Getting your brand to stand out in this day and age has become more difficult than ever. The market is
flooded with different brand messages across different platforms such as TV, print, radio and social media,
and consumers are overwhelmed with options. It does not matter what platform brands use to advertise,
what is important is the marketing strategy. This begs the question – how can brands effectively share
their marketing message to consumers among all the noise? How can you break through the clutter with
a strong message that does not land on deaf ears? This can be achieved by going back to basics and crafting
a compelling brand positioning statement.

You need to understand your brand purpose and who needs your services in the market so that you can
understand your unique selling proposition. This may sound like a lot, but it is merely putting yourself in
your target audience’s shoes and learning what motivates their buying decisions. This will help unpack
what the clients’ needs are, confirm if your product solves that problem, and explore what makes your
business unique.

The first step is to create a compelling customer problem statement. Why is this important, you may ask?
A customer problem statement will assist you in understanding what your purpose as a business is, what
your customers’ needs are, and what customer problem you need to solve. Let us add context to the above
by sharing OFM’s customer problem statement. This statement has to be written from the customers’
perspective to identify what client problem your product or service will solve. Depending on your product
or service, your business can have multiple statements. This statement should highlight what the client
wants, why they cannot get it, and how that issue makes them feel. The best marketing messages or
campaigns always evoke an emotion – this assures your target audience that you know what they want.

OFM client problem statement
I am a listener in need of companionship, good music and news about my community, but I have too many
options because of all the different media platforms, which makes me feel lost and overwhelmed.

I am a business owner/brand trying to attract customers to my business but I am unable to access these
people because I don’t have a strong advertising strategy, which frustrates me.

Now that the client problem has been identified, a marketing message must be created from this, which
shows what your brand/business can do for your targeted audience. This is how to construct a compelling
marketing message from the client problem statement.

  • OFM, your favorite radio station with the latest news, entertainment and best music in Central
    South Africa. Available in FM and on live stream for your convenience.
  • We will help you reach the desired target audience for your product/services by creating a
    customised radio adverting campaign, which will ensure you attract traffic to your business.

There is absolutely no ambiguity in these marketing messages. For a business, which needs traffic to their
business, they know that OFM is the radio station that can help tell people about their products or services.
Listeners also consider OFM their go-to station for local content and entertainment. This statement can
further be applied to advertising campaigns, messages and designs.

Breaking through the clutter is thus achieved by good brand positioning. Position your brand/business as
a solution for your customers’ needs. Tap into their emotions, know what is important to them, and
communicate how your products fit in.

For more info, please contact Lindiwe Mtwentula on 051 5050 900, 082 416 1665, or

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30 July 2021 saw the conclusion of OFM’s nerve-racking Secret Song competition. After a
month, the mystery song was finally revealed as well as who the lucky listener was to first send
in the correct guess to win R35 000 cash.

From 06:00, OFM’s Good Morning Breakfast show started eliminating song choices from the 35
finalists who were selected during the month of July.

To enter, listeners had to send in what they thought the OFM Secret Song was by identifying a
short clip played on air. They were aided by ten clues describing the song, which were released
throughout the month of July. Once a finalist was selected, based on their choice conforming to one or more clues, their song selection was displayed on OFM’s website and was out of
contention for other contestants. Finalists were drawn at random, which kept listeners guessing
about whether the song had been guessed correctly yet, or not.

Just after 07:00, the Good Morning Breakfast revealed that there were three finalists left, all who
had identified Paul Simon as the artist.

OFM’s camera crew were on hand to capture the moment it was announced that finalist #30,
Felix Bamberger from Bloemfontein, was the first person to correctly guess that “Graceland”
by Paul Simon was the secret song!

Watch the video here:

Speaking from his living room, the 19-year-old medical student from the University of the Free
State, had this to say about how he immediately knew what the song was when he heard the
clip, “… I drive around a lot… and it has become one of my favourite songs. When I heard it for
the first time, I said to my dad, ‘I am sure that is Graceland’ and he said, ‘Well, then enter’!” Felix
added that he would be putting his winnings towards his tuition.

According to Elzette Boucher-Krüger, OFM Content Manager: “It was quite a challenge being
one of only two people who knew what the secret song was. This secret had to be closely
guarded for more than a month. It was wonderful to see the reaction of OFM’s listeners each
time a finalist was announced, and more entries came flooding in. Eventually, the computer put
our winner in the finalist mix. Then, when we verified his entry, I could not believe how quickly
Felix got the answer. The only clue out was 1986. It truly had to be his favourite song. Well done
on taking a chance!”

Tim Thabethe, OFM Programme Manager, was on-site to award Bamberger the grand prize:
“The OFM Secret Song ended wonderfully. Felix was the first entry to identify the secret song.
The track had a fond memory from his travels with his brother around the Kalahari. To the top
three finalists, all who entered and everyone who played along, this was one of many delights
from OFM to celebrate our 35th Birthday in 2021. Stay tuned, OFM has more to surprise you with
this year”.

Although there was only one grand prize of R35 000 cash, all finalists were rewarded with limited
edition OFM memorabilia in celebration of our 35th birthday year.

For more info, please contact Lindiwe Mtwentula on 051 5050 900, 082 416 1665,