Over 300 new and used fabric masks donated by Algoa FM staff will be used to make reusable, washable cloth pads for young girls in need. The masks were handed over to Red Ruby Pads, a volunteer organisation which is keeping Covid-19 fabric masks out of landfills while meeting a social need. Flannel and cotton

Looking back over the last five decades, there is no doubt which decade had the strongest identity – its own unique style, diversity, and pop culture – it was the great 80s! Regarded by many as the best decade in music, the 80s is known for its truly authentic music style – like big pop

Combining radio with digital is proving to be a sure-fire way to increase ROI. We live in a fast-paced world, focused on recovering from a devastating pandemic. Brands have to fight for our attention and reaching a specific target audience is becoming a greater challenge. In this environment, radio and digital is proving to be

Algoa Country’s favourite morning show host, Wayne Hart, will be back on the air with his teammates – Lee, Charlie T and Producer Corn this coming Monday, the 1st of August. This follows a five-and-a-half-month absence from the airwaves due to a complicated health scare. Hart, who spent 119 days in Hospital – 37 of

One of OFM’s biggest competitions of the year, the #OFMFanWall, reached its epic conclusion with the awarding of the grand prize of R20 000 cash on 1 July 2022 – OFM’s 36th birthday. Listeners were able to enter the competition by visiting any of OFM’s outdoor broadcasts to have their photo taken from March until

The current media/advertising/marketing world is one of increasing uncertainty, making it more difficult for decision makers to confidently make decisions that, in a more stable environment, were really easy to make. The CMO’s, brand managers, media strategists, planners and buyers responsible for buying media are struggling to make sense of their environment and they need

While sales of the OFM # BakkieArm sleeve steadily progressing for the benefit of the Agri Securitas Trust Fund, The Sound of Your Life also had listeners entertained on the morning of 15 June 2022, with the release of an original song in celebration of the # BakkieArm. With lyrics from the pen of Good

Aspirant radio announcers and DJs will be given a taste of being on air through a virtual Algoa FM “takeover” on Youth Day, June 16. Fifteen learners living in the Algoa FM footprint have been selected after sending in 60-second voice clips motivating why they should be given a chance to be on air, according

What on earth is a #BakkieArm? What started with ‘Word of the Week’ is now Central South Africa’s latest fashion trend, all for a good cause. The OFM Good Morning Breakfast, weekdays 06:00 – 09:00, recently entertained listeners with their weekly riddle – ‘Word of the Week’ – during which a novelty word is revealed

Algoa FM has extended its reach into millions of more homes through all of DStv’s South African packages. The Eastern Cape diaspora and lovers of contemporary adult music can listen to Algoa FM on Channel 837. “This has been a work in progress as well as a business objective for many years and I am

As South Africans we are a people with a love for music. Music lives within us and forms part of the way we socialise, engage, reminisce, and connect. We are fierce karaoke singers, air guitarists and back-up singers. When lyrics fail us, we make up our own and we’re not afraid to turn up the

2021 was the biggest year ever for podcasts, with the number of distinct podcast users aged 15-44 on Spotify growing by +34% YoY. 2022 is set to hit even higher levels of penetration and success, as the industry gets bigger and bolder. We look at nine emerging trends for the industry this year and what