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Hot 91.9FM announced today that Jeremy Mansfield, anchor of HOT 91.9 FM’s breakfast show, “Joburg’s Hottest Breakfast” will be leaving the station on Friday 26th February in order to focus on his health. Jeremy has been undergoing treatment for the past few months and has decided to take a break.

“I will also be spending more time on the Mansfield Family Trust and the charitable work it does in South Africa,” says Mansfield. “I have loved being a part of the HOT 91.9FM family, particularly because of the excellent, meaningful work they do within the community. It’s been a great privilege to be able to contribute to this, and I will cherish the memories of this time at HOT, and the time I have spent together with my colleagues on the Breakfast show”.

HOT 91.9’s Managing Director Lloyd Madurai said “Jeremy is a radio legend and has contributed immensely to the industry, and the station,  however our primary concern is his health at this time. We would like to thank Jeremy for his incredible contribution as the anchor of Joburg’s Hottest breakfast Show for the past 3 years. This is not a goodbye as Jeremy will continue to be part of the Hot 91.9FM family in his role as an ambassador for Hot Cares , the Christmas Wish and a contributor to the Hot 91.9FM Radio Academy. We wish him well and pray for his full- and speedy- recovery”.

Issued on behalf of Jeremy Mansfield and Hot 91.9FM.

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The thrill of winning isn’t limited to a listener experience. Algoa FM is helping its advertisers to craft effective competition-based campaigns that deliver results and grow market share.The media house has noticed a steady rise in responses to its on-air and online competitions, and this trend has been growing since the onset of the Covid-19 lockdown in March.

The best results are achieved when there is a good balance between reward, effort required to enter and entertainment value.

Nadia Pieterse, senior creative executive at Algoa FM says “Our listeners respond exceptionally well to mechanics which involve solving clues; riddles and general knowledge quizzes.’

Competitions that provide entertainment value or that incorporate ‘theatre of the mind’ elements, generate much more interaction than those which do not include a fun element.

Without this interaction, competitions become background noise.

Simultaneously, the path to participation is very important and therefore entering the competition, should not require too much effort on the part of the listener.

“A competition mechanic, which requires a quick and simple answer via Telegram or SMS, will always generate more entries than one where time and effort is required to enter… or that has too many steps and instructions to follow,” says Pieterse.

Algoa FM, which is the biggest media house in the Eastern Cape and Garden Route, leverages its on-air, online and on the ground platforms to help advertisers to reach and connect with their customers.

A happy national client who used radio platforms around the country to introduce a new service wrote: “They (the Algoa FM team) were organised, motivated and an absolute pleasure to work with. We had an amazing response. Stronger than the Western Cape in a number of areas.”

The type of prize is also important across all platforms, says Pieterse.

Algoa FM’s listeners respond best to competitions offering instant cash prizes, followed by those offering grocery vouchers.

Competitions with daily prizes render better results than those that only offer one grand prize to be won at the end of a week.

It has been our experience that listeners would rather have many opportunities to win smaller amounts than one chance to win a big amount.

The best results in respect of the number of entries are achieved through the momentum generated over a five-day competition, where a ‘live’ winner announcement takes place daily between Monday and Friday.

What has also come to the fore is the power of the relationship our listeners have developed with the on-air personalities at Algoa FM.

“It is always surprising to me how well Algoa FM presenters are known in the community,” says breakfast show co-host Lee Duru.

“Even though we are primarily a radio station, people recognise us as presenters when we go out.

“We can also see from the responses on our social media feeds that people value our opinions,” she adds.

An example of this is a motor vehicle dealership which sold nine people carriers – twice their target of four for the campaign – simply by offering a presenter the opportunity to drive the vehicle.

Listener interest was sparked by the presenter sharing his driving experience, with “the campaign having the dealership humming along with people all week,” according to the client.

“The success of competitions hosted on Algoa FM is testimony to the power of radio – it provides the ultimate path to purchase by connecting people to products and services like no other medium,” says Algoa FM managing director Alfie Jay.

“My team of champions guides our clients to success from concepts to competitions that work for our audience; deliver results for our clients and simultaneously, provide us with increased opportunities to interact with our audience. It’s the most powerful three-way winner,” he adds.

This is what another national client has to say: “Good morning my radio team – I just want to thank everyone. Your efforts this week have been super human.

“I cannot express how impressed I am with everyone who made this campaign possible.

“Once again you have demonstrated the power of radio, your dedication to making our clients happy and how to get things done. You deserve all the success that comes your way and are an absolute privilege and pleasure to work with.”

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OFM, inspiring listeners to live the real good life in Central South Africa, is looking for the dishes that make Central South Africa salivate!  The Real Good Recipe Book seeks to showcase Central South Africa’s favourite recipes. 

The book will feature our OFM presenters’ favourite dish, along with the old family recipes, new creations, gourmet masterpieces and fast food fixes our loyal listeners love.  The book will feature six categories, namely beef and lamb; pork and poultry; venison; fruits, nuts and vegetables; dairy and eggs; and maize and wheat.  Each of our presenters will make a video preparing their favourite dish in a specific category.  The video’s QR code will be printed in the book to watch later.

Says Lindiwe Mtwentula, OFM Marketing Manager:  “Central South Africa boasts some of the country’s best agricultural produce and we want to know how our listeners like to turn this bounty into memorable meals.  As always, there will be prizes up for grabs.  Should your recipe be selected as the best, you will be awarded the grand prize of a R30 000 Checkers voucher.  Lockdown brought out the chef in all of us.  Now is the time to turn your top recipe into cash!”

In addition to the R30 000 grand prize, all entrants stand a chance to win a number of spot prizes of R500 in Checkers vouchers.  Should you be drawn, called live on air and have a Checkers Xtra Savings card, your voucher will be doubled and you could walk away with a R1 000 Checkers voucher.  Plus, should your recipe be chosen to feature in the book, you’ll win R1 500. 

To enter, go to the OFM website at www.ofm.co.za, click on The Real Good Recipe Book link, and upload your recipe and photos of your tasty dish, as well as photos of your family.  Entries close midnight on the 6th of December and the grand prize winner will be announced on the 19th of December.

As a community radio station, Fine Music Radio (FMR) receives no funding or government grants and, understandably, the Covid-19 crisis has forced many of its advertisers to cease trading. Therefore, at the beginning of lockdown, they turned to their listeners and asked for their help.

“The response: Since early April 2020, FMR’s listeners have donated R800 000 towards helping the station survive the catastrophic loss of advertising revenue. That figure is growing, by the end of July it should reach R1 million!”

“Unprecedented” has become the buzzword when describing the pandemic, however, FMR is grateful that it can now be used in a positive context. They believe that this display of audience loyalty is unprecedented in the history of broadcasting in South Africa.
FMR, the only classical and jazz music station in the Western Cape, are deeply grateful and share this story only to demonstrate the value the station has in their listeners’ lives.  

Who are these listeners with open hearts and pockets?

According to BrandMapp 2020 audience research, FMR has approximately 113 000 listeners in Cape Town.  They are the crème de la crème: highly educated and wealthy…professional people, company CEO’s, IT specialists, people who own their own companies…and people who appreciate the finer things in life.

There is a roughly even split of male and female listeners, and a 60/40 split between English and Afrikaans speakers respectively. Around one-third of listeners are under the age of 45. A further third is between 45 and 65. The final third is over the age of 65.

The fact is, they take FMR seriously enough to voluntarily pay money to keep the station on air!

As advertisers, how could you not want to reach this substantial, wealthy audience?

Algoa FM invites all non-profit cancer organisations to apply to be the beneficiary for the Big Walk for Cancer 2020.

The Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer is the biggest mass participation event in the Eastern Cape, and raises funds for non-profit cancer organisations supporting cancer patients and their families within the province.

Some 13 320 Participants came together and celebrated every step in the 2019 Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer. This helped the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) Eastern Cape buy a transporter for their patients to transport them to and from the treatment centres in the city of Port Elizabeth.

The Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer will take place on Saturday, the 31st of October 2020.

It will be the 22nd Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer, and the first to be primarily a virtual walk due to social distancing requirements. 

“This is an event that we pride ourselves in as most people are affected directly or indirectly by cancer, and for us, as a community, to come together in support is very important”, says Algoa FM Marketing Manager, Lesley Geyer.

“We look forward to receive the applications and to help yet another organisation”, she says.

The requirements for beneficiaries are spelled out in the application form. Application guidelines can be found on the Algoa FM website. Charities should also indicate what the funds will be used to purchase. 

The closing date for the entries is Wednesday, 8th July, 2020.                  

For more information and to download the application form please visit the Algoa Cares page on algoafm.co.za.


Hot 91.9FM applauds President Ramaphosa, once again, for your measured response to the COVID-19 crisis in your address to the nation on Monday night. What is needed now is calm and decisive leadership.

One of the economic issues the President addressed was the impact this has on small businesses. You will be happy to know Mr. President that we at Hot 91.9 are ahead of the curve! As a community station committed to making a meaningful difference in the community we serve we have already engaged with Mike Anderson and the amazing team from the National Small Business Chamber to help roll out a relief plan in this sector which is vital to the economy, continued employment and any possible growth, in the form of a relief centre.

The objective of The COVID-19 Small Business Relief Centre is to help Small Businesses by doing whatever we can to take their pain away during this crisis. Some of the key areas the centre will focus on include: low-interest disaster recovery loans, moratoriums on vehicle and equipment leases, bond repayments, supplier negotiation and communication, landlord negotiation with regards to property leases, increased cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene protocols, digital marketing strategies in a time of crisis, quick digital migration for meetings and business continuity plans.

In partnership with the NSBC, Hot 91.9FM will involve as many corporates who rely on SME’s for services and help make this thing work. Because. Hot Cares.  It’s Simple.

We are extremely grateful to Hot 91.9 for taking swift action by joining forces with the NSBC to help small businesses throughout South Africa survive the storm and keep their workers employed. Small business is the mainstay of our economy and the future of job creation. This kind of fast action by Hot 91.9 will make thousands of  small businesses more resilient to coronavirus-related economic disruptions.” – Mike Anderson: National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) Founder & CEO

Catch Small Business Relief every week day morning on Mansfield in the Morning at 08h10 on Hot 91.9FM. The feature will run daily at 08h10.

Brought to you by the NSBC – we find out how to keep small businesses in business with the NSBC.

In the past few weeks, Hot Cares has actively assisted in the donation of masks, gloves, sanitisers, vitamins, immune boosters and more to our community and essential service workers.

SHOUT SA have created a new public service initiative with SMD Technologies called SHOUT4MASKS (Shout4masks.co.za) to help raise money to buy masks directly from factories in order to urgently get them to health carers and patients. Hot Cares decided it is imperative that we get involved and assist where we can.

SHOUT SA co-founder Danny K explains: “There is a crying need to protect those who are protecting us – our frontline heroes. Battling valiantly against Covid-19 our healthcare sector needs our support right now as the supply of masks dwindles. It’s getting desperate. Here at Shout SA we have a voice, why not use it to shout out to our fellow countrymen to help secure more masks?”
Co-founder Kabelo adds: “We are calling on all our fellow musicians and celebrities to get behind this to inspire and unite the nation to help get proper safe masks for those that need them most. For both patients and our most vulnerable communities, I am relieved that we are able to spread a protective front for both. “

Shout4Masks provides a platform for all South Africans, individuals and corporates, to donate combo packs of both specialist and surgical masks to health carers and patients urgently in need for as little as R100.

Hot Cares has eagerly got involved in this initiative and have donated R10 000 towards SHOUT4MASKS.

As we are in Lockdown to reduce the spread of COVID-19, We should avoid unnecessary financial mistakes in these difficult times.

“Consumers should do everything in their control to keep their financial affairs in order through this difficult time and the uncertainty it brings. One cannot predict how long it will take for the situation to stabilise and the knock-on effect on the economy. The idea is to adopt a disciplined way in managing your money and seek financial relief where necessary and possible.”  Said Dhashni Naidoo, FNB Consumer Education Programme Manager.

5 financial mistakes you should avoid during this pandemic according to Naidoo:

Do not cancel your insurance – Ask or contact your insurance provider to see if they can reduce your monthly premiums instead of not paying or cancelling your insurance policy. Cancelling your insurance or leaving it to lapse puts your family and yourself at higher risk. It may not work in your favour when you want to take out an insurance provider again and it may result in you paying a higher premium than the one you were paying before or maybe you get excluded from certain insurance benefits.

Don’t take up unnecessary debt – Reduce your expenditure where possible, avoid credit of non-essential things because the debit remains even after the lockdown period and you are liable to pay it.

Don’t make any big financial decisions – We do not know how long this pandemic will last and it wouldn’t be wise to make big financial decisions. Save where ever you can, spend with caution and be realistic of what circumstances we live in. If you need to take a big financial decision than you have make sure that this will sustain any changes to your income.

Seek financial advice from a financial advisor – Don’t rely on your friends and family for financial advice. Consumers are urged to rather approach their bank, insurance provider, credit provider or financial advisors to get proper financial guidance in relation to their financial matters as well as to be helped in navigating and managing their financial affairs effectively.

Don’t spend money unnecessarily – Save where ever you can, use your reward programmes for relief and cut back on luxuries.

“It’s important to exercise caution in your financial decision making, be conservative in planning for the future and extra careful in how you spend. Furthermore, if your finances have been affected by COVID-19, consider the measures that your bank may have in place, including your credit life insurance that may cover some of your debts on qualifying claims,” concludes Naidoo.

“Wearing masks is important. We want to recommend the widespread use of masks. We are recommending that people can use cloth masks, just make sure there’s a three-layer kind of thing.” – Dr. Zweli Mkhize, Health Minister

Wearing a mask when in public places, especially crowded places, can help slow the spread of Covid-19. Even when wearing a mask, hand-washing and social distancing remain the most important interventions to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Cloth masks are easy and not expensive to make, reusable and help reduce the transmission of COVID-19 by acting like a shield to contain the respiratory droplets through which the virus spreads.

The purpose of the mask is to reduce droplets that come out of the mouth or nose during speaking, coughing and sneezing.

Avoid touching the mask or your face while you’re out and when you get back home, wash the mask with soap and water immediately WITHOUT USING CHEMICALS and wash your hands again.

After washing, the masks should then be ironed or left out in the sun to dry.

You should not share your mask with anybody else, and it is preferable if every person has two masks so they can be interchanged during washes.

Remember not to handle the inside layer of the mask when taking it off or putting it on.

The public should not wear medical masks – these are reserved as personal protective equipment for our healthcare workers who are on the front line of our battle against COVID-19.

Our healthcare workers need medical-grade masks and respirators to stay healthy so they can save the lives of people who have COVID-19. Let us give them the tools to fight that battle.

Source: South African Health Department

Remember, should you require information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, phone the Coronavirus Hotline Number: 0800 029 999 or send ‘Hi’ to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp. Get the latest COVID-19 news updates on our fact page.