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There is a new term on the block for what was previously known as the baby boomers. The YOLD or the “young old” is a market that you should be focusing on! YOLD’s are people currently aged between 65 and 75 and they are challenging the traditional expectations of the retired as people who wear slippers and look after their grandchildren.

The rise of the YOLD will be a boon to themselves, to economies and to societies. 

Michael Avery of Classic Business on Classic 1027 chatted with Jeremy Sampson of Brand Finance and Dion Chang of FluxTrends on the new generation that is ‘YOLD’ and what it means for brands/agencies as they disrupt consumer, service and financial markets. Listen to the conversation here.

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Thousands of people around South Africa and the rest of the world have marked the end of cancer awareness month by joining the first Virtual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer presented by the Eastern Cape Department of Health.

“Cancer knows no boundaries, and by going virtual we were able to spread awareness of the disease and to show support for those affected by cancer way beyond Nelson Mandela Bay, which has been the home of the event for the past 21 years,” says Algoa FM marketing manager Lesley Geyer.

People signed up for the event from as far afield as Australia, England, Scotland and Dubai.

Around South Africa, there were walkers in pink in the main centres of Cape Town, Durban, East London, Johannesburg and around 50 other towns and cities in South Africa.

The biggest support came from Nelson Mandela Bay, with walkers from 80 suburbs turning the metro pink.

“We exceeded the benchmark of attracting 40 per cent or more of the people who took part in the last physical event before Covid-19,” says Geyer.

“More than 5 500 people entered online for the virtual event and judging by the images that were shared there were thousands more who walked in celebration of those affected by cancer,” she adds.

“Most of those who joined the virtual walk from abroad have links with the Eastern Cape, which they maintain by tuning in to Algoa FM through audio streaming, engaging with us in social media pages and visiting the website,” says Algoa FM managing director Alfie Jay.

Walkers celebrating every step in the suburbs of Port Elizabeth.

“The success of our first Virtual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer puts us in a stronger position to connect with our audience and help our clients stage a myriad of virtual events. Lessons have been learned and we will continue raising the bar,” he adds.

Schools supported the Big Walk by encouraging their pupils and parents to enter.

“It is so important for us all to raise awareness about cancer, as it certainly has or sadly will impact our lives in some shape or form if not already,” says Alex Hall, headmaster of St George’s Preparatory School.

The school arranged walks in the week leading up to Saturday, October 31.

“To raise awareness and some money in a bright and positive manner is such a privilege and a wonderful event that we are very proud to support. Thank you MTN and Algoa FM for allowing us to be part of this special day, he adds”.

“This is the biggest walking/running event in the Eastern Cape,” says Rudi van Tonder, Chairman of the Elite Athletics Club, which has handled the logistics for the walk since inception.

“We are humbled to be part of an event that is bigger than any of us. When visiting the cancer ward at the Provincial Hospital, we saw the difference we are making by supporting Igazi Foundation, which is the 2020 beneficiary,” he says.

“The Igazi Foundation is humbled to have been chosen to be the benefactor of the first Virtual Algoa FM Virtual Big Walk for Cancer. To have the support of Algoa FM and the public, walking on behalf of cancer patients is a show of love and support desperately needed in these times of social distancing,” says Cole Cameron, Chief Executive Officer of the Igazi Foundation.

Corporates in the Eastern Cape added their support.

“Isuzu Motors South Africa is very proud to once again serve as the vehicle partner for Algoa FM’s Big Walk for Cancer,” says Denise van Huyssteen, corporate affairs executive at ISUZU Motors SA.

“This initiative is particularly important during these unprecedented times of Covid-19 which has literally dominated all spheres of life.

“We should not forget about the many lives which cancer continues to impact upon and the ongoing need to raise awareness around the prevention and detection of cancer,” she adds.

“It is also heartening to see that all the major corporate and provincial partners put their trust and support behind the virtual event, as did the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality,” says Jay.

The Virtual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer was followed by a virtual show featuring South African musicians Gino Lee, Stuart Reece and Dr Victor & the Rasta Rebels.

“As a South African musician, I am very honoured and grateful to be a part of the Virtual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer and to help raise awareness for cancer,” says Dr Victor.

“I’m proud to be able to say that of the songs I streamed from my home studio on 31 October, two climbed to the Number One Spot on The Algoa FM top 30,” says Reece.

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Local and national artists will entertain participants of the Virtual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer presented by the Eastern Cape Department of Health in an online concert concert.

Artists on the virtual stage include Idols SA Top 10 finalist Micayla Oelofse, Gino Lee, Stuart Reece … and Dr Victor & the Rasta Rebels.

“As a South African musician, I am very honoured and grateful to be a part of the Virtual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer … and to help raise awareness for cancer. I’ll be streaming from my home on the 31st of October together with the Rasta Rebels and we’ll do a few of the songs that were very popular on The Algoa FM Charts,” says Dr Victor, who went on to say that there is a long-standing relationship between his band and the station.

“Over the years, for a lot of their party functions, we were their go-to band. They’ve played my music since way back in the early 90’s when we just formed Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels. I remember years back we were the opening act for Paul Simon at St. Georges Park and Algoa FM was already punting our music back then. It’s been more than 20 years since the early days and they’ve continued to support my music career to this day,” he adds.

Excited Stuart Reece adds “I am grateful to be a part of the event this year and I’m proud to be able to say that of the songs I will be streaming from my home studio on 31 October, two climbed to the Number One Spot on The Algoa FM top 30 over the years”.

“Algoa FM has supported my music career since day one when I knocked on their door with my first CD in my hands asking if they’d consider playing just one of my songs. This literally happened. I didn’t know about protocol and procedure for radio submissions back then but they gave me a chance anyway. It’s been 10 years since then and they have continued to support my music career to this day,” he says.

The multi-talented Gino Lee says, “I’m so grateful and honoured to be performing live at this year’s amazing and inspiring Virtual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer. I will be doing an exclusive performance of my songs ‘Only Get Better’ and ‘Days Like This’, which speak to what a tough and eventful year 2020 has been. 
“Thank you Algoa FM for bringing awareness to this disease which affects so many of us, and for inspiring us to live healthier and stronger … and for giving back to a cause that will help and heal so many” he says.

Idols SA Top 10 finalist Micayla Oefofse adds “It’s a privilege to be part of the Virtual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer which is just such an exciting initiative this year. The platform allows me to share the stage with other artist who support the fight against cancer.”

“Our exciting line up of performers are set and we are ready to entertain our participants at this year’s Virtual Algoa FM for Cancer. Things will be a bit different, but all participants in the Big Walk will be able to enjoy a great show wherever they are in the world,” says Algoa FM Marketing Manager Lesley Geyer.

She added that “the online show is free to everyone who has entered the Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer.”

For more information on how to participate, please visit the Algoa FM website,

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Athletics clubs in the Eastern Cape are in a race to see which one can sign up the most entries for the Virtual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer brought to you by the Eastern Cape Department of Health.

The club with the most entries will be able to nominate a sports-related cause or individual who will receive support through proceeds raised by the Big Walk, that will take to the streets this Saturday, October 31.

Funding is being raised for sport promotion through a partnership with the Eastern Cape Department of Sport, Recreation and Arts and Culture, which is supporting the Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer for the second consecutive year.

The department’s main aim will be to encourage participants in and around the Eastern Cape to exercise daily and to maintain a healthy life style.

“The Eastern Cape, like the rest of South Africa, is facing a lot of health-related challenges such as cardiac diseases; diabetes; cancer and respiratory ailments … the result of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle that leads to obesity,” says Fezeka Nkomonye, the MEC for the Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture.

The annual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer is one of the highlights of the department’s #IChooseToBeActive campaign to encourage the people of the Eastern Cape to live a more active lifestyle, she adds.

“The Big Walk helps raise the awareness of the importance of having a regular workout routine. This helps individuals, both young and old, keep to keep fit physically and mentally,” says Algoa FM Marketing Manager Lesley Geyer

“It is important for participants of the Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer to see this walk as a stepping stone to doing more than just one 5km walk each year. They can make it a daily or weekly occasion … and they are welcome to wear their pink T-shirts every time they are out walking,” she says.

The delivery of T-shirts via courier is ongoing until Friday.

For more information on how to participate, please visit the Algoa FM website,

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The Igazi Foundation will be this year’s Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer beneficiary.

Funds raised will be used to purchase a fogger, industrial washing machine and scales which will be used in the stem cell unit in Port Elizabeth.

Covid-10 has made the need for the equipment to ensure that patients undergoing treatment are kept in a sterile environment more pressing, according to Cole Cameron, CEO of the Igazi Foundation.

“We are happy to be part of this of this years Virtual Big Walk for Cancer. As the only services and education NGO for haematology in the country, this is a platform for us not only to raise cancer awareness but also the awareness of blood cancer,” he says

“Our team and a number of survivors will be walking this October with the hopes of raising funds for our foundation,” he adds.

The virtual Algoa FM Big Walk for Cancer in partnership with the Eastern Cape Department of Health will be taking place on Saturday, 31st of October 2020. Participants are encouraged to walk around their neighbourhood in support of those who have been affected as well as infected by cancer.

For more information please visit the Algoa FM website,

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Algoa FM is honouring the women behind the success of the leading media house serving the Eastern and Western Cape from the Garden Route to the Wild Coast and inland through the Karoo.

“We invited three of our leading women to share some of their insights on how to be successful in what is a very demanding industry,” says Algoa FM programme manager Baydu Adams.

“Algoa FM honours Women’s Day by focusing on the true power of women this year. The campaign is driven by the Algoa FM presenters, with individual messages from the team and interviews with dynamic women until 9 August.

“We are featuring women from business, charity organisations, fashion and the arts. They include songwriters, musicians, lawyers, engineers, lecturers and sports stars.

“This mix is reflected in the Algoa FM on-air team,” he says.

Early morning presenter and Ironman athlete Siobhan Momberg is a fashion design graduate.

Her introduction to the world of radio was through voice overs recorded during her childhood. “It was for an ice-cream company, so I got paid a small change but got loads of free ice-cream, I mean as a kid what could be better right?” says the youngest member of the on air team.

She became a part of the Algoa FM family after submitting her recorded demo in 2017. “The challenges have been tough. They have tested my true character and made me question many things about myself, my beliefs, my peers and my life. It is important to know that in any industry you will be challenged, and it’s up to you to decide if it will affect you in a negative or positive way,” she says.

Momberg is happy to provide support for others: “When I am asked for advice, or if I see that something I know could make their life a little easier, I share. I believe that what goes around comes around, and rather attracts the good vibes than the negative ones!”

“Siobhan is a star in the making. Her natural talent is being nurtured and developed at Algoa FM,” says Adams. For Momberg, the popularity of her five to six am weekday slot is due to teamwork, she believes. “Always have your team’s back. There will be a day when you need them to have yours,” she says.

Mother-of-two Queenie Grootboom, started her journey at Algoa FM with husband Mio Khondleka as part of an on-air couple.

After years of broadcasting together, Queenie says the hardest challenge was accepting that she could do it on her own when she was offered a solo slot. “Queenie is one of the most experienced and polished presenters on air in South Africa. We knew it was time for her to shine on her own.

“Her empathy with her listeners is one of the key factors which makes her 7pm to 10pm show so popular,” says Adams.

“There’s understanding radio as a workspace but it’s a whole other challenge understanding the people, the person behind the radio. The person listening, getting to know you, your flaws, your strengths and then accepting you?

“I had a very tough time because it was very personal for me but with great support, I’ve been able to embrace the change and I’ve grown into my own person who has a voice and an opinion. Strange opinions and views … but that’s me,” says Grootboom.

“No one has to prove themselves to me. Who am I to judge anyone when I do not know what battles they have to fight every single day?

“Every opportunity I get, I share life lessons, for me those are so important. Every day I learn something new and I’m genuinely surprised by the free advice that we share with each other when I’m doing a show.

“Not everyone will agree but plant the seeds, plant those ideas; those solutions, and who knows we could be saving one person a day?” she says.

Roch-Lè Bloem, a broadcast journalism honours graduate who also holds a degree in media, communications and culture, is an Eastern Cape media powerhouse.

She started her radio journey at the age of 19 when a friend told her a local community radio station was looking for presenters.

“I believe that every milestone is a victory and adds value to your journey, meaning you succeed and ‘make it’ with every milestone achieved. Never limit yourself. It’s always great to have short term and long-term goals and a vision, and it’s okay to celebrate the short-term goals you’ve achieved,” she says.

In addition to reading the news and co-presenting the Algoa FM afternoon drive show, Roch-Lè runs her own Port Elizabeth-based media and communications company.

She also co-founded the Cycle Sisters non-profit organisation with another NPO, Love Story. Cycle Sisters provides sanitary towels to disadvantaged women and girls.

Her numerous roles include being a mentor to many women and girls in the Eastern Cape; a motivational speaker; a master of ceremonies; a public speaker; fitness instructor and broadcasting and media lecturer.

“I encourage people by sharing my story and creating hope within young individuals. I also empower by sharing my knowledge and supporting people. I believe one should never break anyone down. Support and share knowledge to uplift and empower individuals to follow their dreams and make it a reality.”

Her message to women is “women in modern society need to be authentic. Don’t try to be someone else or find the need to look like someone else. Learn to love your imperfections and embrace it all. Make other women around you feel loved, supported and empowered.”

“These are just three of the inspirational women on our team of champions at Algoa FM and it’s a privilege to work with people who are making such a marked difference in the lives of others,” says Algoa FM managing director Alfie Jay.

Promoting your brand and your business during the uncertain times brought about by Covid-19 has never been easier, thanks to an innovative new offering by OFM, the sound of your life in Central South Africa.

OFM Live Link gives clients the opportunity to deliver their marketing message through the influence of one of OFM’s popular presenters. This means that an OFM presenter will visit their store or venue to tell Central South Africa on-air and online about their products and services.

Says Anchen Lintvelt, OFM Sales Manager: “Jamie Notter said, ‘Innovation is change that unlocks new value.’ Covid-19 taught us that one can always find new ways to do things. It requires listening to your market and creating solutions for their needs. As a media and advertising platform, it is very important to the OFM sales team to offer our advertisers innovative and creative solutions that will add value and ensure a good return on investment. One way we can do this, is to endorse their products and services through our presenters.”

The Live Link is a custom made product, relevant to our current situation that will give our advertisers a new and exciting way to communicate to our listeners. Presenters identified to participate in the OFM Live Link activations include Agri Hour presenter Gerben van Niekerk, The Good Morning Breakfast Show presenters Shandor Potgieter, Lesley Piet and Sam Ludidi, Mid-Morning Magic presenter Yolanda Maartens, At Lunch presenter Enriko Klopper, The Joyride presenters Nico van der Westhuizen, Mienke van Rooyen and Aaron Masemola, OFM Nights presenter Cyril Viljoen and Weekend Breakfast presenter Pieter Venter.

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In what appears to be a ‘mad rush’ away from traditional and proven ways of communicating with their customers, many companies are allowing their brands and messages to be placed between fake news and questionable posts.

Company reputations and brands run the risk of suffering collateral damage by being associated with the plague of fake news surrounding hot-off-the-press topics.

Do you really want your message to appear alongside a post which proclaims that it has been proven that the current pandemic escaped from a sample of pixie moon dust?

Having your brand in close proximity to sensationalised (clickbait) posts puts your credibility at risk.

Readers may assume that you placed your advertisement either ahead of or behind a particular post because you agree with its contents.

Ask yourself, is this third-party algorithm designed in such a way that it is making the right decisions for my brand?

The veteran advertising executive, Chris Brewer, says in his latest “Brewers Droop”: “Social media is like the parson’s egg – good in places and disgusting in others. With a few (very few) exceptions, it disseminates fake news; hate; racism; extreme irritation and basically rubbish. A handful of our very good writers get published on the internet from time to time but who knows how many take any notice?”

As the head of Algoa FM, I am naturally biased towards radio, of which Brewer says ‘it works’.

A station like Algoa FM ‘works’ for advertisers and listeners because we put credibility and their needs first. Our news team’s maxim is ‘we’d rather be right than first’.

Or, as historian and author Yuval Noah Harari put it in the opening line of his latest book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century: “In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power.”

Our commitment to fact extends into our online presence.

We are among Brewer’s ‘very few exceptions’ that share quality content and listeners have taken note.

A recent Colony Live study found that the majority (69%) of respondents rely primarily on the radio for their Covid-19 information, followed by television (53%), news websites or news mobile apps (46%) and then social media (41%).

Results Summary of the Colony Live Research

At Algoa FM, the figures confirm that there is a strong correlation between the credibility of the radio station and its online presence.

Both we and our advertisers know just how many people take ‘notice’ of the content in our online presence.

Visits to the Algoa FM website and social media pages spike almost every time we report on a major announcement prior to the pandemic and now during the lockdown.

Online traffic to Algoa FM’s social media pages has increased by 44% during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Visitors click through from the social media pages to our website, which has fact-checked and curated content that adds to the credibility of the advertising messages displayed on the site.

To answer the question posed earlier, the content in your feed is prioritised by the likelihood that you actually want to see it and we’ve seen results through our integrated and targeted approach.

Algoa FM listeners hear it on the news (which they know is credible), check their social feeds and then visit the website for more detail or to be able to spend more time analysing the information.

Advertisers who place careful and strategic thought into their image and how they spend their money are observing approaches of this nature that prove the success and are in a less questionable space because you get to choose where you go.

Our sales team is seeing a trend towards advertisers seeing the value in more integrated offerings.

Our clients are also realising that radio seamlessly integrates with their social media and digital strategies, thus creating more reach and frequency for their campaigns, a known fact from countless studies done the world over.

Thirty years ago, it would have sounded foreign for any brand other than air-conditioning manufacturers or air-conditioning retailers to sponsor weather reports.

But, over time, the advertising community realised that ‘the point of connection’ had nothing to do with the weather, but everything to do with the audience.

I’ve heard so many ad agencies and corporates say that they don’t want their brand associated with the news because it is negative and filled with murder, rape and corruption.

But here’s the thing: audiences with high levels of disposable income want to be informed, which is exactly why they ‘tune in’ to listen to the news or visit the news pages on our website.

Covid-19 may have amplified the figures but ‘consumer behaviour’ with respect to accessing their news was no different prior to the lockdown.

Radio, more so than other mediums, also carefully curates the content on our websites, which, as a result, attract millions of impressions to an environment free of fake news, questionable posts and random algorithm placement.

In an era where fake news is widespread, people are turning to brands they trust and Algoa FM’s philosophy is to report the facts – do so fairly, accurately and within context; all the while serving the interests of the audience and advertisers and ‘that isn’t ever going to change!’

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OFM, Central South Africa’s premier commercial radio station, has started the year on a high note and is continuing to inspire listeners to live the real good life despite the unique challenges the global community is facing at the moment.

OFM took the opportunity of a new decade to rethink its offerings and finding ways to give the best radio listening experience to its audience. This included brand new line-up including a brand-new breakfast show – the flagship of any radio station. 

OFM embraced this shake-up by giving its established presenters new challenges, introducing fresh new voices, and creating a solid mix of music, news, and entertainment.

Says Tim Thabethe, OFM programme manager: “Our new line-up demonstrates the direction OFM is taking by fulfilling Central South Africa’s passion to ‘live the real good life’ – a commitment by OFM to reflect what it means to be from this vast central region. It celebrates family, friends and community. Our new presenter line-up is real, honest, proud and caring to its listeners and reflects the spirit of its audience.”

To host the new The Good Morning Show, weekdays from 06:00 to 09:00, popular mid-morning host Shandor Potgieter took over the reigns, assisted by new Capetonian recruit Lesley Piet and Supersport presenter Sam Ludidi.

Former presenter Yolanda Maartens made a welcome return to OFM to present Mid-Morning Magic, while Enriko Klopper keeps the afternoon crowd entertained.  The established crew of Nico van der Westhuizen and Mienke van Rooyen takes you home with The Joyride, joined by Jaybee Makhalemele and Aaron Masemola.  Cyril Viljoen slides into the OFM Nights time-slot with Alucius Mocumi giving our listeners VIP Access until 01:00.

“OFM enjoys one of the highest instances of time spent listening to radio in South Africa. Come rain or shine, OFM is there to keep our loyal listeners company!”

~ Programme manager, Tim Thabethe

A logo change was also on the cards for OFM. It came about a result of the station’s expanding role within the media environment; signifying not only the fact that the station is no longer bound by an FM frequency, but truly available to any listener, anytime of the day, in any part of the world.

Naturally, OFM is also embracing the audio streaming trend with exciting new digital offerings. The OFM desktop application allows listeners to stream OFM anytime of the day. The app is easy to maintain and because it’s a standalone application, Internet connectivity isn’t an issue.  

OFM Stasie 2 is an exclusive Afrikaans streaming channel with uninterrupted Afrikaans music. In future, OFM is looking to create even more digital offerings on its website to give listeners the opportunity to have access to their favourite music on their terms, including a channel with the best music from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s.

Serving the influential SEM 7-10 market and with one of the largest footprints in South African radio – including the Free State, Northern Cape, southern Gauteng and North West – OFM spends a lot of time in people’s cars, homes and offices.

This also allows the station to offer a number of niche features – including an agricultural programme weekdays from 05:00 tot 06:00, agri news twice daily, entertainment and sports features. 

“OFM enjoys one of the highest instances of time spent listening to radio in South Africa. Come rain or shine, OFM is there to keep our loyal listeners company!” says Thabethe.

Go to or tune in to OFM for more.

ProfitShare Partners, in partnership with award-winning local community radio station Hot 91.9FM, and the all-new ‘getlion’ mobile app launches an exciting year-long initiative designed to get small businesses working and creating jobs. The all-new ‘getlion’ mobile app is designed to support SMEs in managing and growing their businesses, and ProfitShare Partners, the disruptive Fintech provider, will invest R100 million in capital to support SMEs to deliver on their contracts this year. The sweetener is a prize of R1 million for the small business that has created the most net jobs during the period of the campaign from 1 June 2020 to 31 May 2021.

The Get South Africa Working campaign is an initiative that was introduced by ProfitShare Partners’ founder and CEO, Andrew Maren to help small and medium sized businesses create jobs and to keep them going, and this has become even more relevant now during these challenging times.

“This is an initiative to help boost our economy by accelerating SME business growth and development. With our high unemployment rate and the steep rise in job losses over the past few months, we want to encourage entrepreneurship and assist small business owners in need of capital to start or get going. Unfortunately, many of these businesses do not have the financials, security or track record and are turned away by the banks. How do you develop this track record or get a set of financials if you cannot access capital? Our model is to provide this capital to get them going so they can get a track record, cash in the bank and ultimately, financials so that they can graduate to getting capital from traditional funders such as banks,” says Maren.

SMEs and entrepreneurs have the power to change the status quo, especially in challenging times. Starting today, 1 June 2020, the Get South Africa Working initiative will be providing up to R10 million in capital to SMEs per month to grow by partnering with them on their contracts or valid purchase orders that they have or are trying to get with large corporates and certain Government Departments.

To enter, SMEs and entrepreneurs must download the ‘getlion’ mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, to track their business performance and apply for capital support via the ProfitShare Partners website. Full details are also available on the Get SA Working website.

“The getlion app is a purpose-built platform of services, tools and resources from various industry-leading companies, all in the interest of helping small businesses grow. Through the app, business owners will be able to access the tools to make running business easier, from accounting to online sales. As the virtual partner of the Get SA Working initiative, we’re excited to contribute to small business growth and job creation through our platform,” says Mathew Marsden, Co-founder of getlion.

In the final month of this initiative, ProfitShare Partners will give a R1 million cash prize to the small business that has created the most net jobs in the period.

“The net jobs that we refer to here are permanent jobs created by the entrepreneur or small business, starting today until the end of May 2021. All information supplied will be audited and verified using our technology and reporting processes because ultimately, our aim is to assist our country in alleviating poverty by helping to create jobs and mobilise the development of SMEs,” adds Maren.

Powering this initiative as the official media partner of the Get SA Working initiative, multi award-winning, local community radio station, Hot 91.9FM, is the proud broadcasting partner and will be running all of the latest news and announcements for the campaign.

“Hot 91.9FM prides itself on uplifting our communities, and what better way to do that than to partner with such a powerful campaign to create much-needed jobs. We are deeply passionate about the development and survival of small businesses and that is why we are a proud partner in this ProfitShare Partners campaign”, says Lloyd Madurai, Managing Director of Hot 91.9FM.

To top it off, together with Hot 91.9FM, ProfitShare Partners will be giving away R10,000 in vouchers every month to help existing and would-be business owners and SMEs to start up or keep going. To enter, download the getlion mobile app, send what your business would do with R10,000 to the Hot 91.9 FM WhatsApp line 084 2212 919 and listen to Hot 91.9FM daily for more.

Visit for more information.